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  1. Todd678

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    If you think ps2 is awesome, your right! See id say its better than 3. They thought ps3 would be a hit. Not really! They thought wii would be dumb. Heck it came out better than ps3
  2. Yukinari

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    The wii is really low on the charts as of now for fun, With Fallout 3, Fable 2, and so on, the ps3 and xbox are way ahead of the wii as of now.
    The wii is getting a low amount of content and only good for virtual console and 2 games really, because i havent played my wii in a long time...
  3. Super Smash Bros. Fan

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    Right now all I own is the Wii so that is the best out of the three 7th generation console. (Althougth the PS3 is starting to become tempting.)
  4. Yukinari

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    Hah that makes me laugh.
  5. Lavitz

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  6. wow.... that is just random
  7. Super Smash Bros. Fan

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    The Wii is better then the Playstation 3 (Which is better then the Xbox 360)

    There are good third-party exclusive for the Wii. Here are some:
    Sonic and the Secret Ring: Good alternative to the notorious Sonic Next Gen. It has a 69% comparing to Sonic Next Gen 46% (X360) and 43% (PS3).
    Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barabos Treasure: One of the best third-party exclusive on the Wii, scoring an 87% out of 100% on Metacritics.
    De Blob: Generally positive reviews on the Wii, scoring a 81% on Metacritics
    No More Heroes: A very hardcore exclusive by Ubisoft and there are good things about it. It score a 83% from Metacritics.
    We Love Golf: Generally positive reviews scoring a 75%. Also the first really good golf game.

    There are also promising third-party games exclusively for the system:
    The Conduit: Has Wii Speak (Voice Chat), 16-player online, three modes (at least) and so much more.
    Sonic and the Black Knight: Sonic first weild-sword adventure combine sword and speed in the land of King Arthur.

    On a few occasion, the Wii proved to be the superior version to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 of a game.

    1. Guitar Hero: World Tour. Despite cutting out a few feature, it prove itself to be the best version of the game. It has Mii Freestyle and exclusive downloadable content.

    2. Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip. Even thought you can't play online, this easily smack down the X360 and PS3 version. Many people say that it is perfect for the console. For proof, Shaun White Snowboarding has a 63% from the PS3 version and a 64% from the Xbox 360 version, but has a 79% for the Wii version.

    3. Sonic Unleashed. While it did cut out some things, it still prove to be best on the Wii version, since it sinked out some of the annoying mistakes Sonic Team made on the Xbox 360 and PS3. For example, they removed the unneccsary Tails minigame. The PS3 version has a 56%, the Xbox 360 version has 60%, but the Wii version has 69% right now! I'm getting the Wii version for Christmas.

    And there is more.

    WiiWare give small companies the oppertunity to make successful games. Not even the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network achieve that. Because of WiiWare, The Conduit is coming out exclusively for the Wii. Otherwise, no such project would ever happen, let alone that scale. Nintendo made the right choice to add WiiWare, just not focus too much on it.

    The Wii is also capable of motion gameplay. The Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 is not. You should also be glad that Nintendo focus more on the games they make then the console or online for that matter (For the most part.). And unlike XBLA or PSN, they give out for the most part completely orginal emulator so we can revive our memories. It's obviously called Virtual Console.

    And when it came to online, at first it suck of course. Later on thought, Nintendo slowly added things that made us happy and glad that they still care for us. Such as downloadable contents (Nintendo Wi-Fi Pay to Play), voice chat (Wii Speak), and online play (Nintendo Wi-Fi).

    This is evidence if not proof that the Wii is better then the PS3. I support Curtis890ownage on this issue. In the long run Yukinari, if you sell your Wii, you will eventually regret it for the rest of the 7th generation of video game. But if you keep your Wii, you'll thank Nintendo for the Wii. Don't get mad, they still care about our NES, SNES, N64, and Gamecube fans, they just need to focus on the casual fans so they can make them hardcore fans by the next generation. That way (If you have some.) maybe your little brother or sister can be play 8th generation Nintendo console about everyday! (But stop support grandma please!) Once Nintendo win the seven generation console war, you will be smiling for there next console!
  8. Failzor

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    PS3 is better than PS2 if you think other wise you probably are in a special school for special kids
  9. Seth

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    You are win.
    Smartest person thats ever posted on this forum.
  10. Night

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    We brought back a dead thread :O. I agree the ps3 owns the ps2..:lol:
  11. xJacknife

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    Of course, :lol:. Name 1 thing Ps2 can do that PlayStation 3 can't?
  12. chervon

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    You think ps2 better than ePlayStation 3? lmao no? Well if the ps2 is white yeah its better which they do have!
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  13. KDUDE

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    Playstation 2 is not better than the Playstation 3. Playstation 3 got a ton more features than PlayStation 2. Plus it is more involved with online activity.
  14. Billybob

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    What do you mean, "The wii is getting a low amount of content and only good for virtual console and 2 games really,"

    The wii is awsome! It has way more games then playStation 2 and 3. Just go to target and check out how many games they have for wii! The wii has way more tv ads, and it cost 100 dollars less! And you get to have like a remote thing! Not just a thing to make your thumb stronger....
  15. Billybob

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    That was one intense post... :lol:
  16. Runner

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    i think that the playstation 3 is the best console
  17. shadowray7

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    Play PS2 games.
    .... And now I have to say something else so that I can post....
  18. Reggie

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    I typically play the PlayStation, and no other game consoles because I am used to it. I recently bought a Nintendo WII to try it out. It doesn't look so bad. It seems boring to play the WII without the controller sensor, but with that, you can move the controller as if you are actually playing it the game.
  19. Pointy

    Pointy (☞゚∀゚)☞

    I see a lot of false statements, opinions being touted as facts, and unbacked opinions in this thread, which really makes me cringe...

    Please give reasoning to your statements, why was the PS3 not a hit? Sales? If this is your argument then state it.
    I believe the PS3 came out better then the Wii, this is from a game standpoint and is an opinion, because I've enjoyed the PS3 games much more then I have enjoyed playing Wii games.

    This is much better because it offered evidence that backed up his opinion, but it falters in several ways:
    It does not compare 3rd party games with other systems, just gives examples of good Wii games.
    As for comparing multi system game's scores this is good, but in 2/3 games you admit that content had to be cut.
    Wiiware argument is moot, both ps3 and 360 have strong 3rd party developers on their online networks (see PixelJunk Eden for an amazing example)
    Motion Gameplay? 360 will have it soon with Natel, but I don't even want it. Marimoto said it best, without force feedback a player can never feel truly inside a game.
    Online? Nintendo sucks in this department, annoying friend-codes and bad voice chat mare the online experience. PS3 and 360 are easy to use and offer easier to use services.
    Overall? The Wii is still the better system in terms of sales, but I find your reasoning flawed.
    While I agree with you, you still have to put in some reasons :P.
    WRONG, just wrong... wow check your facts before you post them. The Wii has under 1000 games (including smaller wiiware games) while the PS2 has over 4,500 games. I could not find the number of ps3 games, but I'm sure its not as many as the Wii. TV ads? TV ads are annoying and only detract from the value of a system. Cost? the cost is $50 difference now between the Wii and PS3, and the Wii costs 190$ more then a PS2. Wiimote? meh its a personal preference, I like the PS3 controller much better myself.
    Woot an actual good argument post, gives personal preference and backs up his reasoning by experience!

    ...Anyway to my personal opinion, I have always gone with Playstation 3, mine is the old 60gig that can play both PS2 and Ps3 games on it so I play just as many PS2 games as PS3 games. I like the system because of the quality of the graphics, wide open environments, and JRPGs. I don't dislike the Wii, just hardly have played it.
  20. Nin10dO

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    Many grown people think the Wii is for little kids, but its not really for little kids, the Wii sales are WAY above the 360s and PS3s. I'd admit the PS2 was one of the systems that lasted the most.

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