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Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by CROWley, Mar 12, 2015.

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    I personally don't check that thread so that kind of post/comment doesn't say much. Also doesn't work with time constantly moving forward.

    Be more specific! I have and can think of 2 separate Walking Dead games. Depending on which one it is, we could make a thread and play it if you're interested.

    Mystery Dungeon 2: Shiren the Wanderer
    I'm trying to start playing this game again. Booted up my second cart thinking it was my original. Played the main dungeon and died on the 14th floor. Died trying to rescue myself so I used a code. Made it a number of more floors and died again. Shiren in a nutshell, I swear.
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    If you're not interested in Xenoverse, I doubt you'd care about the part of my post that contained Xenoverse information anyway. If you are interested, you can check the thread. It's not difficult to find
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    I'm just saying mentioning other threads without linking to exact posts doesn't tell anybody much.

    Ahh, the Telltale game. Do you have the Season 2/sequel? My PT's were kinda messed up. I played the first episode of each season. My season 2 choices were auto selected since I didn't have season 1 saves and my season 1 PT was messed because of my first chapter save was about a year before I played it and I was talking to somebody and cracking jokes the entire time.

    I was wondering because there's also a Walking Dead FPS.

    Anybody wanna vote on this who will actually play it? Kappa

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    That game brought a tear to my eye :'(

    It's a good thing choices really don't matter as much as they make you think they do. Going off topic for this thread but that always annoyed me how everyone reaches the same point no matter which choices they made.

    For example: You have to choose between killing two people, you kill one person and the other person conveniently dies at a point later in the story so you can reach the same point as someone who chose to kill a different person. In the end, both of them are dead and your choice made no difference. It's not impossible to do, I think they're just being lazy. I really liked how it was handled in Dragon Age.

    I'm expecting Kenny or Jane to die right at the beginning of Season 3 just so it's easier for them to make the story work, as usual.

    Another annoying thing is when it says something like "Character will remember this" and they die 5 seconds later. What the fuck is the point?!
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    I agree. It's pretty damn annoying when you see the end results or other peoples PT's. The biggest attraction for me is the story and the characters. You can pretty muck pick any choice you want. So long as you hit the quick time events, you're playing the same story as everybody else.

    I played a little again today. I never really had a reason when I stopped. The game just froze when I was in a cave and I never played it again. I did a small amount of stuff today, mostly just killing stuff but it was fun.

    Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer
    I've been trying to get back into this game. I'm out of practice and my constant deaths show it. I have the knowledge and memories of somebody who's watched hours and hours of gameplay, played over 170 and read countless pages of stories and tricks but have the skill of a complete 'noob'.

    I tend to die a few times every time I play and it builds up to a really annoying death and I ragequit for a day or so. This time it was a sped up Floor Dragon. I threw a money sack at it which missed and the dragon killed me.
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    Mystery Dungeon 2?

    Mystery Dungeon: Shiren The Wanderer
    Been playing this since I got it and Hax sent me the DS. (thanks again) As a game I like it and the concept though it is pretty difficult at times and it's hard if you die, having to start over or type in a 70 character code consisting of letters and numbers that look like this

    !L6F3 71NR MHWKS
    DHLW6 KJD1 89B20

    Doing that once online and once on the DS just to revive. Only because the wifi was shut off :(

    Other than that I really like the game and it has been in my DS since I got it a week or so ago, along with

    Pokemon Red Rescue Team
    This game is a lot easier, less things to have to worry about but still not childs play. Dying has less consequence and you can easily store any items or money away and you keep your level. Two downsides, you can't evolve till you beat the game and the personality test at the start is not easy to manipulate to get the pokemon you want to be, I wonder why they didn't let you just choose. I kept getting Bulbasaur, Charmander, Mudkip, Skitty when I wanted either Cyndaquil or Machop, took half a dozen or more tries to get Machop, for my partner I got Cyndaquil, he's so adorable, a boss and a great meat shield.

    Pokemon Platinum
    I got this as well but haven't played much of it because I been playing the Mystery Dungeon games. I chose Chimchar (I always choose the fire pokemon) Named him Mibibli and my rival (Barry) HAX cause Kappa

    Because I suck at nicknames other than sometimes naming my starter some weird or silly name, if any of you wanted to be named after a pokemon let me know.

    My pokemon Black Version 2 should be coming soon but it is Saturday.

    I also ordered Nintendogs Dachshund and Friends (because it has a husky puppy) I loved this game when we first had a DS and since I can't have an actual dog here, this is great.
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    Yeah. I made an entire page on the Shiren wiki to explain the Shiren games because they're so fucking confusing.
    The first is Mystery Dungeon: Torneko's Dungeon or some shit.

    There's Dragon Quest, Shiren, Final Fantasy and Pokemon and Etrian Odyssey that I know of. Shiren is by far the best and the first one to feature original characters.

    I have at least one from each series and the Final Fantasy and Torneko ones are really hard to understand. Though Even the Pokemon ones in Japanese are hard as hell.


    I don't have much else to say besides that. I had a Nintendo Dogs game once but thought it was trash. You said you've played one before so at least you know what you're getting into. I laughed pretty hard at how you've only been playing the Mystery Dungeon games. They're truly something special.

    Wiki article. Good luck understanding it. I did the research and wrote it and still barely understand the series.

    There's SuperFamicom, GameBoy/Color, N64, Wii, DS and PSP games. I thought the DS games were all remakes of those earlier games but I was so wrong.
    (Shiren DS1 is a remake of the Super Famicom game.)
    I thought the GameBoy game was a port of the SuperFam game. The GameBoy Color sequel was the second game and was also Shiren DS2.
    I thought the N64 game was the third and then later ported to the Wii and not the DS. (There is no DS3)
    I thought the DS4 and DS5 games were ports of PSP games.

    I was clearly so wrong and this series is just confusing.

    1. [​IMG] 1 minute ago - CROWley:
      I probably shoulda explained that Miblilbli inside joke.
    2. [​IMG] 1 minute ago - CROWley:
      It's just gonna be lost to time.

    3. [​IMG] A moment ago - CROWley:
      Shadow and I were talking about some developers/development Humble bundle and I was complaining about the spelling of some annoyingly spelled game/DLC thing that I couldn't figure out how to use. Then she decided to name her Pokemon after it. :hm:

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    Because they're originally Japanese games, that's your mistake.
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    I don't really know any stereotypes about Japanese games and based off most of the ones I've played, they're fucking horrible. There's been a few exceptions but it's still a sea of trash.
  11. Shadow

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    Lol I mean all the ones that weren't released in the US make it confusing along with the weird names
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    The way I think of it is
    Shiren (DS1) remake of the SNES game.
    Shiren 3. Wii piece of shit.
    Shiren DS2, DS4 and DS5 and then everything else. Not that I even know much about the DS games despite having them all. It's not as easy to recognize the Japanese characters as the other Shiren players seem to think.
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    I've been playing DMC4 and im almost near the end,
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    I've been playing Vita a lot these past few months

    Need for Speed: Most Wanted
    I got this for free on PSN when EA was offering free games on PS3, PS4 and Vita. It plays exactly the same as the console versions, the only difference being the downgraded graphics which still look pretty good for a handheld game. I thought the gameplay was good, but it doesn't give you many options or customization for your cars. I enjoyed my time with the game, and I'd say it's probably one of the best handheld racing games at the moment.

    Tales of Hearts R
    A full remake of the Japan only Tales of Hearts for DS. I really enjoyed this one, the translation seemed pretty good apart from a few things like changing the main character's name, and the game wasn't dubbed so you'll hear them call him Shingu when the text says Kor. I don't understand Japanese but I could tell at some points where I heard a word I did know, and the text didn't match so I think there was some censorship. Those are just minor complaints, I'm more happy that it was even released in North America. The battle system expanded pretty quickly from the start, and it was very fast paced which was nice. I didn't know anything about it before playing besides it being a remake of a DS game, but it surpassed my expectations. Most modern Tales games don't have random encounters, but this game did for some reason so it got pretty annoying at times.

    The game is really funny if you're a fan of the humor that's typically in a Tales game, here's one example of something that made me laugh:

    The music is okay, but they couldn't have picked a worst song to use in most of the towns:

    It's almost as bad as the mutton man from Xillia

    Persona 4 Golden

    Where do I start...? This game hooked me from the start, and I was pretty obsessed with it in the two weeks it took me to finish it, and it's a 65+ hour game so that is very unusual for me. It's got everything you could ask for: SMT gameplay, waifus and MURDER INVESTIGATING. The Main Character has the mysterious power to travel through TVs into the TV world where he and his friends discover the cause of the recent murders in their town, between saving people from the TV world, you spend your days as a regular high school student making friends and increasing your social links with those friends, granting bonuses and unlocking things which will help you in battle.


    It has all of the dungeon crawling, demon collecting and fusing that you're used to if you've played an SMT game before, except they're called Personas in this game. Each dungeon is pretty unique with randomly generated floors where you can collect treasure and fight against shadows to increase your Persona collection and level up to face the boss of each dungeon and save the person trapped there.

    The thing I enjoyed the most about it is the day to day life outside of the dungeons where you can spend time with characters of your choice and learn more about them while growing closer, you can even fall in love with your female friends if you choose.


    It has some of the best characters I've seen in a game, I'm not sure if it was the voice acting or the fact that you spend so much time with them throughout the game but something felt special about them. My favorite has to be Kanji, a tough guy who only acts tough to hide his insecurities. The game got so much better when he joined the party for me because I was really interested in knowing more about him and seeing him grow as a character.


    My only regret is not playing sooner so I could have avoided all the spoilers I seen about the plot, but despite that I still found it really enjoyable and I'm glad I finally played it.
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    On a Minecraft server called HiveMC, there's this game, and I just reached half a million points. I'm also currently #84 on the leaderboards, and have 2250 wins, which makes me very happy.
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    Splinter Cell on PC is hard AF

    EDIT: Been playing Batman Arkham Knight, it's a really awesome game aside from the few performance hiccups, waiting for the patch in October.
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    Been a while since this thread has been active, I'll update the past few months.


    Pokemon Moon
    I put around 100 hours into this. There are lots of improvements from previous gens but I also felt like they downgraded a lot and I'm not a fan of the new art style. The game's performance is also pretty terrible on 3DS, I haven't played a new3DS but I hear it's not as bad on there, the framerate drops really low when there's 4 Pokemon on screen. I still enjoyed it despite all that.
    • Main story beaten
    • 100% Alola Pokedex


    Ratchet & Clank (Reboot)
    Pleasantly surprised by this. I wasn't expecting much from a game based on a movie based on a game, and I thought it would be mediocre like the recent entries in the series but it turned out to be a return to form for Insomniac. It's not exactly a remake, it's more of a re-imagining of the first game and it feels completely fresh. This is definitely the best entry in the series since A Crack in Time, and I'd probably put it in my top 5 R&C games.
    • Main story beaten
    • 100% game completion
    • Platinum Trophy unlocked

    Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below
    It's a Dragon Quest Musou game, which plays like Dynasty Warriors if you're unfamiliar with Musou games. My favorite part of this game is playing as all the characters from different games in the series and interacting with them. It's a lot of fun just beating up a bunch of monsters from the series, there's even a story which isn't half bad. I may go back to this eventually and clean up the rest of the trophies.
    • Main story beaten
    • Some sidequests finished
    Senran Kagura: Estival Versus
    Another Musou, this time with scantily clad anime girls. This game would be pure fanservice if it weren't for the large cast of characters each with unique styles and abilities. I was pretty disappointed they recycled a lot of areas from Shinovi Versus, but there were some new areas as well. Overall it's a lot of fun, exploding clothing is just a bonus.
    • Main story beaten
    Final Fantasy XV
    We waited 10 years for this game, and I'm afraid to say it wasn't worth the wait for me. Don't get me wrong, it's a great game. The problem comes from the rushed story and missing plot points that make it confusing to follow and leaving you with a feeling of "that's it?" by the time you reach the credits. It feels less like a game that was in development for 10 years and more like something they started working on a couple years ago and rushed out, which isn't too far from the truth. Much like MGSV and Xenoblade X, this is a great game dragged down by its mediocre story.
    • Main story beaten
    • Planning on returning to post game after the next performance patch
    Star Fox Zero
    I had high hopes for this game, thinking it could be the successor to Star Fox 64 that we'd all been waiting for. I held off on getting it at launch after lukewarm reviews and finally found it on sale for a price I'd be willing to take a chance on it for. Oh boy, was I disappointed. There are just too many things shoehorned in like the barely functional motion controls and addition of other vehicles that are even more annoying to control with the forced motion control. Deep down I believe there's a good game hiding in Star Fox Zero, and I hope it can shine some day with revamped controls and removal of some of the more tedious segments, if that day ever comes.
    • Finished one path, seen credits.
    • Shelving this game probably forever.
    Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4
    Maybe the best anime game I've ever played. It follows the anime almost perfectly with a gorgeous art style, plenty of characters with unique special attacks, and smooth gameplay (although it's a pretty simple fighting game). The in battle cutscenes when you finish off someone or use a special ability are my favorite, they really outdid themselves with this game's animations. The story covers the end of Naruto Shippuden so I wouldn't recommend it if you're behind in the anime/manga and don't want to be spoiled. If you're a fan of Naruto, I definitely recommend trying this game though.
    • Main story beaten
    • 100% S rank completion
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