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    Yeah, pretty close to the start. Maybe I should just use a guide but I've been trying to limit myself with that. I feel like it hampers my enjoyment of the game and removes the challenge.

    I personally just play with friends only. I don't bother with random lobbies. Yeah, hard to find friends to play with sometime though.
    It's good from a gameplay/visual/soundtrack perspective. Great scenery, a lot of upgrades, a lot of guns, polished fighting system. The classes don't have enough variety though (which I suspect they did to maintain balance but still kind of bugs me). The leveling up/end game can get really repetitive and the story ends without really accomplishing a lot and leaves a lot of unanswered questions.
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    I always saw it differently. People say the point of the game isn't to look at a guide. Is the point of the game to waste countless hours looking around trying to figure out what to do? Even if you know what to do, the game doesn't play itself. I couldn't have gotten past the Worm boss in Lost Odyssey without a guide. Now I'm gonna follow one to make sure I can beat the game as quickly as possible.

    It could definitely spoil parts of the game. That could be a problem with guide. I have to follow guides for the Zelda games. I get so lost so fast it's not even funny. I can never seem to figure them out no matter how hard I try.

    My friend was going on about how long it takes to level. He said I could make my purpose/goal to level up 3 times. I think that's how many times he said you could hit max level. I saw a 50 second clip of him in some vehicle and that's all I've seen of it.
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    Battlefield 4:
    Finished a game of Rogue Transmission on just five tickets left, the sheer amount of awesome of the last few minutes cannot be expressed via words.

    Super Smash Bros. 3DS:
    Beat a Ganondorf player and almost beat a Zero Suit Samus Jap if it hadn't been for his Up-Smash in SD.

    World of Tanks Blitz:
    Grinding for Hetzer and Tiger I, still wondering how to farm silver to afford the phenomenally high cost of the Tiger.

    Metal Slug Defense:
    Just finished new missions, figuring out how to S-rank World 2's last few stages and the new ones. God, the Future Rebels are hard as hell but that Turbine jet really pisses me off because of how ludicrously unfair it is.
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    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team
    I've picked up my old 2010 playthrough again. I'm trying to get lots of things. Max money, I have over 1 million so it must go really high. 100,000 rescue points. I have just under 25,000. All Pokemon to Lv 100 and 1,000 hours game time. I want to complete the adventure log but Munchlax is so fucking elusive! I've been playing this game off and on since may 2007 and still haven't see it. There are 2 possible scenario's. I've got over 340+ hours on this save currently.

    Pokemon Shuffle
    I've just been playing through the game. I was having a tough time getting some S ranks so I went back and did some expert stages. I caught Lucario, Venusaur, Blastoise, Rotom, Charizard. I've just been trying to catch every Pokemon and S rank every stage.

    Pokemon Conquest
    I've been wanting to play Pokemon Conquest for so long. I kinda ragequit when I was stuck on an insanely hard post-game mission. I read online, lots of forums posts and threads where people were asking if you got to play as he Hero post game. I got conflicting answers and the people who said yes, said you had to beat every Post-game mission. I finally had it confirmed a few days ago. I never actually got to evolve my Eevee and I started the game in 2012 and I really want to finish what I started. I used to play that game for 5-6 hours straight, day after day. It's one of my favorite handheld games of all time. I've put over 80 hours into it

    Tales From the Borderlands: Chapter 2
    I started it but I only played a little. For whatever reason I didn't really feel up to it so I stopped. I'm eager to find a time to start it back up and finish it. The game is really good.
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    Final Fantasy Type-0
    I've had this for a while, but I only started playing it recently since the HD version came out and Miles is playing it now. I like how you can choose between 14 characters who each have a unique play style, and the game feels like a mix between Crisis Core and The 3rd Birthday. I'm half way through Chapter 7 right now, and I believe there are only 8 chapters so I should be finished soon. The game is actually pretty challenging if you don't grind, so I'm constantly improving after many failures which is nice.

    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
    Getting kinda bored of this since the next major update will be the expansion in 3 months. I mostly log for the lottery in Gold Saucer, and for my weekly raid lately. We've been clearing The Final Coil of Bahamut for months now, and we're working on The Second Coil of Bahamut (Savage) now. I can't wait for the expansion though!

    Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call
    Downloaded all of the available NIER tracks! I wish they'd add the remixes from NIER's DLC though

    The Wolf Among Us
    I've finished two episodes so far, and I like what I've played. My favorite thing is probably the art style and the choice of colors they used for the world.

    Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson
    I seen this on sale from Play Asia so I decided to import it to try regionthree on my 3DS. I don't know Japanese, but the game is pretty straight forward and I don't really care for the story of Senran Kagura anyway. I like what I've played so far, it's pretty fun.

    Kirby: Triple Deluxe
    Finished the first 2 worlds. Classic Kirby with some new improvements, not much to say about this.
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    I've been playing Skyrim and Fallout a lot lately but those have their own threads.

    I sold some games to GameStop and got Bravely Default, Smash Bros for 3DS & Wii as well as Lego Batman 3 and Majora's Mask 3D. I expect I'll be starting some of those soon.

    Pokemon Emerald.
    I was working a lot on Pokemon Emerald.
    I beat the Elite Four (Elite my ass) and was working on post game stuff. I kinda lost a little interest after I kept battling and losing at the Battle Pike due to BS. I got all the non-Battle Frontier secret base decorations. The things I used to do in Emerald like beating the Pokedex, I've done so many times it's lost it's appeal. I'll cum back to it sometime.

    I've been working on the Grand Prix's one at a time. I've been recording them for YouTube. I've been playing it slowly, mostly on the side as a game to relax and play.

    Dug a giant (Maybe 20 wide) hole to hell. Took a few hours. I did it because I was finished flattening the world and I was bored.

    Etrian Mystery Dungeon!/Jet Set Radio Future

    I put these games because I wish I was playing them. I played Etrian Mystery Dungeon! for a couple hours and stopped. It's fun, more of an intermediate Mystery Dungeon game I'd say. Jet Set Radio Future I beat last year for the second time but didn't play post game to unlock all the characters.
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    I'll give this thread one last go.

    Right now I'm working on a boring, time consuming/passing project. Delete everything in the End. I was doing a survival save I told myself would be my last ever one and I got tired of mining and then smoothing out all the walls so it became a series of tunnels.

    Halo: The Master Chef Collection:
    I'm working on one of my favorite games, Halo 2. I'll ignore the first, likely forever. I detest that piece if shit. I don't really see myself suffering through it unless somebody else is with me and it's a Halo marathon. I'll play 3 and ODST for sure and 4 when I'm done with the Xbox 360 version of it.

    Grand Theft Auto: V - Online:
    Just trying to reach LV 200 and killing people for fun.

    A World of Keflings:
    I started a new save, I haven't really played since December 2014 when I went back to it and got all the achievements. I decided some time back that I wanted a story world that I just played and customized at will. Kinda like Minecraft.

    The Witcher 2:
    Another one of my favorite games. I started up a new Dark difficulty PT.

    Side Projects

    I have a series of this where I'm going through and winning all the grand Prix and getting first place in every race. Really aggravating.

    Serious Sam:
    I'm working on an Xbox and Xbox 360 comparison series.
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    Dragonball Xenoverse
    Just beat the game, level 71 right now. Still need to do and unlock quite a few PQs and farm some Dragonballs. Thinking of making a spammy female saiyan.


    RE Revelations
    Bought over the sale and playing that on and off, it's painfully obvious that Jills ass is a center piece and that Chris's partner Jessica is not wearing snow appropriate clothes and looks like an ugly (imo) super model. Chris however looks far better in this game than he did in RE5 and RE6. Parker is ugly as sin.

    Girlfriend got this for me over the sale, played the demo before, got like halfway through the game and realized I missed stuff (like items and shit) and being a completionist+perfectionist, I had to restart. So I went through the intro again and finally got to the start of the game, you come to a bridge that you can't pass and have to go around it on foot.

    I decided to go back down the way we came (during the cutscene) Now in video games normally you hit an invisible wall or you're blocked, not the case here. You're allowed to go on forever in a neverending loop of road and fog.

    I'd say halfway through my characters head turned sideways like she was looking at something, I stopped and it was at this point I noticed a faint rustling and stomping sound coming from the 2D forest to my right, (where my character was looking) it got louder the longer I stood still. I tried to turn around and go back but I never made it back, it kept going on forever still, also when I turned around it forced the camera into a first person kind of thing. I have to start a new game again :(


    Stranded Deep
    Bought this cause I'm a sucker for survival games. It's decent so far for an early access game, definitely could use more content and getting to islands takes forever and is a pain to not get lost. Plus to bring more supplies back is a pain in the ass since you can only hold so much and it takes literally so much clicking and like 5+ minutes to get to another island.

    However you don't know how scary it is when you've been trying to keep your base island directly behind you so you don't lose it amongst all the others surrounding you, and the one you're trying to get to in front of you when fog rolls in, you can't see shit and tiger shark is circling you.

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    At the moment all I'm playing is Risen for maybe an hour or two a day. I spend most of my time thinking of how I'd like to get out of this rut and play some of the Pokemon, Mystery dungeon games and PKMN Conquest.

    Went to join the Don. After I completed all the quests I could in the Dons camp, I went to Harbour town and completed all the quests I could there. Now I need to go to the Monastery and I've been pretty much putting that off and putting off playing because of it.
  10. Shadow

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    Dungeon Defenders
    Just playing it for fun really. I have all the DLC. I like EV best so far, her beams are really OP.

    Still need to grind. Created a few new characters, one mainly being a Namekian I don't have a picture of and my Saiyan female I'm pretty proud of, her ki blasts are 100 and she's tiny for speed but like really tiny, afraid to see her next to Broly, she can surely take him though :P

    I hate that size and gender affect stats, I want the speed but her size makes her feel like a child and I don't like that, I can't feel cool being a 10 yr old kid :grumpy:

    Fought Syk a few times with my main male character and with her, beat him pretty good with both inbetween the lag :d:


    Looking forward to playing some pokemon on the DS and getting back into that. Too bad the wifi for the original DS got shut off, who will I trade with now :(

    Not looking forward to Mystery Dungeon :unsure:
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    I thought you liked em hard. Or wait..... was that said when we were talking about other things? Eh, either way. Shiren bends you over backwards and you learn to love it.
  12. Shadow

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    Can I know the safe word?
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    I tried, believe me, I tried for the past few minutes. I can not think of a safe word for Shiren. This game doesn't fuck around. When you want to save and quit, the 2 options are "Quit & Give Up." a let's player calles the main dungeon in the game Mt.Vajenis. I once died while confused and turned into a riceball, and being tag teamed by 2 or more monsters. When people used to do rescues, they made it a requirement that the person being rescued post their death stories so everybody could laugh at them.

    I had 2 copies of the rarest weapon in the game that I used a mild exploit to get. I lost one on one day and the other the next. I had to spend dozens of hours to get another in the 170 + hours I've played. I stopped playing because I was too scared to lose it once I nearly maxed it out.

    If you play Shiren the Wanderer expecting to get anything other than being fucked 6 ways from Sunday, you're in for it extra rough. ;)

    Mt. Vajenis/ Table Mountain

  14. Shadow

    Shadow ಠ_ಠ

    Then why does anyone play that game? DD and Xenoverse fuck me enough
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    Ya know. Most Shiren fans could give you 100 reasons why it's one of the best games ever made, if not the best. I'm not the best at organizing my thoughts.

    The game is satisfying, rewarding. Usually fair. Interesting monster design. Graphics are nice. The community is amazing, when the online was on, it was even better. What's left of the community is still pretty amazing. The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games got me into the franchise as well as Roguelikes in general but Shiren is by far the best. Beating Table Mountain after it's beaten you countless times is so immensely satisfying. Then you go on to discover all the post game dungeons with their unique rules and challenges and it's just amazing.

    The game expects you to die. A lot. But it also intends for you to learn from your mistakes every time. Yeah you died and lost so equipment and that's all fine and dandy, butt, what did you learn from it?

    For example.
    I learned that when you're in a dark hallway and you see a motherfucking gaze, in the middle of your riceball run of Table Mountain. You don't fucking save your 'weapons' (Gold can be picked up and used as a weapon), to save for a later monster. You kill that son of a bitch before it makes you waste your fucking dragon herb, ending your goddamn run on the 27th floor. :@ :@ :@ :@ :@ :@

    :s Sorry, blacked out for a second there. Everything you do has meaning. You talk to the smiths apprentice in the first village every run and someday she leaves for home. She becums a blacksmith herself and someday, gives you a Mastersword +50 as a token of your friendship.

    Visit Giabara the jar fetishist in the second town every run and someday, he'll open a shop and sell jars.

    Little girl on the road is blind? Toss a herb of sight at her. She'll kiss you and you get +1 strength. A blind man on the road? Toss a dragon herb at him cause if you give him a herb of sight, he'll kiss you and you lose 1 strength.

    Man on the road talks of curing items of curses? Toss a scroll of blessing at him. In the future he'll un-curse any of your cursed items. For the record, fuck that guy. 170 goddamn hours and never once have I found him when I had a blessing scroll!

    Then there's the meat system. Eat a Curse Girl/Sis/ / meat and all your cursed items will becum un-cursed. Eat a Purple Slime meat and it's special ability is to remove a monsters ability.

    When monsters kill other monsters or you, they level up. They usually get some new upgrade to their power and becum stronger. There are 4 kinds of Mamel for example. The final form has a double turn and drops 2k gold when killed.

    There's the melding system. Meld a leather shield to an Armor Ward and the Armor ward no longer increases your hunger decreasing speed. Meld another leather shield to it and it halves your hunger. Meld a Walrus shield to your powerful-half-hunger wall and now, monsters can no longer steal from you.

    In his Let's play, the LP'er Doofy Doo mentions that he's spent over 1,000 hours playing Shiren and still learns new things. The game is deep. There's almost always a way out of a situation if you just stop and observe it. Think wisely and use everything at your disposal.
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    Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
    Have this for the GBA and can play it now on the DS. Why are these older games so hard?! It's only 5 minutes in!
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    I agree completely. It bugs me that you have to essentially make your character look like a child just to get the best ki blast/speed stats. They should just make those stats along with all the rest like they do with supers, ki blasts, health, etc.

    Way to rub it in:shifty:. I did pretty well near the end once I got the hang of PvP more. I want a rematch.

    I managed to beat this game years ago, but only because I used a walkthrough. I kind of think game developers made their games easier to appeal to a wider audience, and that better technology gives game developers more options for helping players. Another part might be that games can store more information in save files like your exact location, they can provide you with more guides/hints/helpers, they can make more detailed maps, the controls are a bit smoother, etc. I hate going back to older Zelda games and not being able to move diagonally or do the spin move or other moves I've just become accustomed to.


    I already posted most of my updates in the Xenoverse thread. I think I have most of the supers/ultras/equips/zsouls that I need now. The rest is mostly just for completionist sake. I am considering getting the DLC but I kind of want to wait until it's on sale. In addition to that I don't want to spoil the upcoming DBZ movie (the parts of it that haven't already been spoiled at least).

    Final Fantasy 14:

    I finally got to level 50, there's still one more story duty to do though. I'm getting better, but I still feel like there's so much stuff going on in FF14 that I don't really know what I'm doing or at least that there's a lot of content in the game that I don't know about yet. I haven't decided whether or not I'm getting the expansion yet. I want to do raids and enjoy some of the other content in the game before I decide.

    Animal Crossing:

    I'm starting to lose interest in this game. I still try to check in daily for Gracie but recently I've even been missing that. I can't even be bothered to sell the fruit that I grow or check the store for items or do the usual things I do in the game.

    Pokemon Shuffle:

    I got Jirachi after using the attack boost along with a Great Ball. It cost me 5,000 coins, it's just that I was worried I might not catch it if I didn't act soon since tomorrow was the last day to catch it. I'm just glad I got it now. Greninja appeared as an expert Pokemon for me now. I want to try to catch it but it's pretty difficult. I miss the home menu stuff.

    I was thinking of starting the Walking Dead soon. I've been meaning to play it but just haven't gotten around to it. I should probably get a bit further in Psychonauts first though.
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    I haven't been playing this game as much as i did when i bought it.

    Been playing Persona 2 and Binding of isaac Rebirth. other than that i should really be playing Psychonauts right now.
  19. Shadow

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    Sure :P

    Got one of the pokemon games I ordered, kinda. It's Black instead of Black 2, contacted the seller, they only sell Black and Black 2, it was probably a mix up but I've been through hell the past week with all my online purchases and the carriers screwing shit up, having to wait to send it back (probably will cost ME shipping) wait another week, get a refund and the actual game sent, maybe MAYBE I'll get it this month. I have a shipment coming in from Hong Kong via ePacket I have more faith in than this.
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    If it's the sellers fault, they should have to pay for shipping. They made a mistake, they should pay for it. You could probably open a case if it was Ebay and say the item you got wasn't as described.
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