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    I know we have some kind of timer on how long we have to edit our posts. I encountered a problem when trying to edit the Backlog Thread 2014. I can't edit my post to update Black as a beat game, soon to be completed. Is there any way to allow us to edit certain threads indefinitely or continue to edit threats that have new posts or have been edited recently? I stopped editing my backlog post in 2013 so I never ran into this problem.

    It makes sense not to allow people to edit their posts in some cases. People could go back and completely change their post in an argument or is somebody quoted them the quote wouldn't make as much sense. I have had the desire to go back and edit spelling and grammar on some posts however.
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    Alright, I suppose I can extend the edit timer a bit for badgeholders. (I really ought to come up with a new name for that user group. We haven't used badges in years).
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    Well respected members?
    Because we're oh, so good and we're oh, so fine. 'Cause we wake up in the morning and we post on time, we're off to work at nine and right back at five thirty. It's the same routine all the time "cause our worlds built around posting.

    Seriously, what really defines us? Do we have a certain number of posts or have we been here long enough? Do we happen to be people who have some notoriety or reputation around here?
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