Pokemon Nintendo Direct 2/26/2016

Discussion in 'Pokémon' started by Knagg, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. Knagg

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  2. Fenrir

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    i bet it's a new line of pokemon amiibo along with the announcement of pokemon rainbow :^)
  3. Knagg

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    Very possible. Might have some compatibility with a future Pokemon title.

    The direct could also be talking of Pokken Tournament.
  4. Sykikal

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    GenerationJapanNorth AmericaEuropeAustraliaSouth Korea
    Gen 127-Feb-9628-Sep-9810-Jun-991-Nov-98
    Gen 221-Nov-9915-Oct-006-Apr-0113-Oct-0024-Apr-02
    Gen 321-Nov-0217-Mar-0325-Jul-033-Apr-0322-Mar-07
    Gen 428-Sep-0622-Apr-0727-Jul-0721-Jun-0714-Feb-08
    Gen 518-Sep-106-Mar-114-Mar-1110-Mar-1121-Apr-11
    Gen 612-Oct-1312-Oct-1312-Oct-1312-Oct-1312-Oct-13
    Wait for gen 23.732.051.821.95N/A
    Wait for gen 33.002.422.302.474.91
    Wait for gen 43.854.
    Wait for gen 53.983.873.613.723.18
    Wait for gen 63.072.612.612.592.48
    Although this is more the type of announcement I'd expect for E3, I wouldn't rule out the possibility of a entirely new generation. It's been long enough.
  5. Knagg

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    I'm sure they'll talk of Pokken Tournament, the years of Pokemon, Pokemon Red and Blue being released on the eshop. However they did say there will be a big announcement. (Still hoping it's the launch of Pokemon Go)

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