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    Because of custom firmware I can now hack Pokemon in gen 7 so I decided to bring this back. I'm grateful for Lavitz for his help in getting this set up.

    Request rules
    1. You may leave some of the information on the text request blank but expect me to fill it in with anything/leave the default values. I tend to get to file request faster.
    Legal Pokemon only (legal moves, abilities, etc.)
    3. Only up to 1 text request per person per week, Or up to six if you're requesting Pokemon through pre-made .pk7 files
    4. If you do not pick up your Pokemon in a timely manner, they may be released.
    5. I will not be checking this thread as often as I used to. I will try to get requests completed in batches to save time, and regular members will be given priority over new members.

    What you'll need
    • Pokemon Sun or Moon
    • Has obtained their Pokedex ingame and is able to trade.
    • A worthless/filler Pokemon in order to trade.
    • An account on VGI in order to post a request. if you aren't already registered, you can sign up here quickly and easily Video Game Info Forums - Forum Rules
    Option 1.
    Make a pk7 file with PKHex (PKHex can be downloaded here https://gbatemp.net/attachments/_sunmoon_v4-1-zip.73717/,Note: I only take files with a pk7 extension, not .sav .xml .exe or anything else.

    Option 2.

    [Species] (Must be a Pokemon's name, simple misspellings are acceptable, alternate forms are acceptable)
    [Nickname]Put in a nickname or leave blank.
    [Shiny] Y/N
    [Pokerus ] Infected/Cured/Neither
    [Gender] Must be obtainable gender, eg. No male Blissey or female Hitmonchan.
    [Level] Number between 1-100
    [Held Item]
    [Ability]Must be legal/obtainable
    [Language] Japanese, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, etc.
    [Country] Real world country.
    [Sub region] States/provinces etc.
    [3DS Region] Region of 3DS of Pokemon's origin.


    [Game Met]
    [Met Location]
    [Met level]
    [Met Date]
    [Fateful encounter?] Y/N
    [As egg?] Y/N
    [Egg met location]
    [Egg met date]


    [IVs]Must be a number from 0-31 for all six stats OR "None." OR "Max."
    [EVs]Must be a valid number from 0-255 for each stat. All unmentioned stats will be assumed zero (0). No more than 510 total.


    [Moves]Must be legal/obtainable
    [PP Maxed]"Yes", "No", or you may mention specific moves for PP Ups to be applied, and how much.
    [Relearn moves] Up to four egg moves that have since replaced can be relearned.


    [Trainer ID]Must be a five digit number.
    [Secret ID]Must be a five digit number.
    [OT name]
    [OT Gender]
    [Previous Handler (not OT) name]
    [Trainer Name + Gender]
    [Pokeball caught in]

    Information to put after your request

    What the best time for you to pick up your Pokemon is in Pacific Standard Time (PST)
    Your friend code.

    What your status means.

    To clarify things I am introducing a new feature in the hacking request thread. After you request a Pokemon I will give it a status as soon as I see it.

    Denied: This means that I have not accepted your hack. This will most likely be because you have put in too little information, you have put in something that I can not hack, you have made too many hacking request, I have already done this request or something very similar to this request etc. If I deny a request I will generally include a reason with the denial.

    Delayed: This means I will most likely make your hack but not the next time I hack. This is generally because either: You have made too many hacking request and I will not get to more of yours in the current day, I have too many request and I am not ready to finish yours, or the hack was made incorrectly and I need to re make the hack.

    Accepted: This means your hacking request was accepted and will most likely be made. Generally, hacks that are accepted are made within a week.

    Made: This means that I have finished your hacking request and it is on my game. I am frequently on the chat (videogameinfo.net/Chat.htm), if I am not on you may private message me in order to arrange a time to pick up the hacks.

    Traded: This Pokemon has been made and traded. No further action is necessary.

    Expired: This Pokemon has gone for a large amount of time and has not been traded. The Pokemon has most likely been released. I generally keep the files of all my hacks. You may contact me or request a new Pokemon if you still want a hacked Pokemon that has expired.

    The best time for me to pick of these requests is 10 P.M. eastern standard time, I am usually available to 8PM P.M.-12 AMhowever.

    My friend code is 1333 3805 2073

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