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    This is an old story I just read an interesting article about someone who achieved the first recorded perfect Pac-man score. Apparently all the ghosts have "personalities", like the red one is more aggressive, and the blue one works based on the position of the red ghost relative to you. He got the perfect score by eating all four ghosts after obtaining the power pellet, and eating every food (cherry, strawberry, etc.) that came out of the tubes.

    In addition to that, after you get to the 255th level, the game runs out of memory and it activates a "split screen" level, where the walls/dots are hidden. Each time you lose a life, these dots regenerate. This means in order to get a perfect score, you have to pass the 255 levels without losing a single life.

    The full article is here, it is pretty long but I thought it was an interesting:

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    Wow, that's really impressive, though I also have to think it is time that could have been better spent elsewhere. I can't imagine spending that much time on a single video game, analyzing it, coming up with strategies for it, etc. unless I was paid to do it or something. Then again, he did become (semi)famous for it, so what do I know?
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    All people talk about are his world records when they should be talking about Rickey's World Famous hot sauce.

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