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    I thought enough people here had Overwatch that it was about time I made a thread about it. Anyone here interested playing it or getting together as a group? I was also curious about people's times/availability. My profile if anyone is interested or wants to add me

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    I'm actually having a pretty terrible experience with the so called "good" players at rank 60+ in competitive. A lot of them are assholes and we lose games because of shitty attitudes. So many whiners on voice comms too, it gets tiring.
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    I think that's probably bound to happen when you're matching up with 4 other random people. Maybe some will be good and some will be bad, but on balance you'll get a few bad players, which is partly why I was thinking we should start a group. Even if we got 3-4 players and had to rely on 1-2 randoms I think it's better than relying on a whole team of randoms.
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    I made a chart comparing old competitive rewards to new ones. Converted rank is the old rank multiplied by 50 and the old CP multiplied by 10 for easier comparison to the new rank. It looks like the new system makes it easier to achieve the 200/20 and 400/40 rewards, only needing to achieve a ranking of 1,500 or 2,000 rather than 2,000 and 2,300, respectively. Notice that unlike season 1, the 600 reward is skipped over and not obtainable. Platinum Rank also appears to be easier to obtain than rank 53 from the old system, though the higher ranks and rewards, that is diamond, master, and grandmaster appear to be more difficult to achieve than their season 1 rank counterparts.

    TierNew RankCPConvertCPOld RankCP
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    Bastion buff incoming :pharah:


    Seems like Bastion has the lowest win rate and second lowest play time (behind Sombra). https://overwatchtracker.com/heroes?platform=pc Who would have thought I'd be using the least most powerful character?

    Edit: 1/30/ update https://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20752612877?page=17#post-325

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    Yep. Bastion was only good before because people were inexperienced and didn't know how to deal with him.
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    Welp. Guess I'm buying more loot boxes. Persona 5 is more important.
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    New update promises fewer duplicates in loot boxes, higher coin rewards to compensate for the lack of coins and easier ways to save highlights.

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    I've liked Lucioball. I managed to get Platinum right from the start. I'll be sad to see it go next week. What's also good is that a win in competitive Lucioball gives you credit to both competitive points and the three weekly arcade loot boxes.

    Also, a new update coming for season 6. Seasons are only going to last two months, there's going to be more competitive points per win and less competitive points at the end of the season, but he said that the total amount of competitive points should be about the same (assuming that this means there will be more seasons per year). Also, the control maps will be best 2/3 instead of best 3/5 on competitive mode.


    Lavitz complained about this earlier and I mentioned it on Twitter but developer goes into it in more detail. Basically, he's saying at the start of the season they ranked you lower than where your "true" rating should be, in order to give you a sense of progression over the season, but starting with season 6, they'll instead just give you an accurate SR.

    Stellar communication/PR from Overwatch team. I don't know why more companies don't do this.
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    I've been playing Overwatch more frequently lately. I got the gold weapon for Reaper and almost got additional 1k competitive points. The boost for winning matches helps.

    Anyway, there's a new set of skins for Overwatch League. There are 12 teams and each team gets a skin for every character. You start off with 100 free coins (1 skin) and can buy additional coins. Part of the money goes to the teams which I guess is kind of cool that it supports the team rather than it all going to Blizzard. Since there are 26 characters, that means 312 new skins.

    Though there's no way to earn these skins through in gameplay.
    $5 for each skin? The $9.99, and $19.99 aren't even a discount. You're technically spending more than if you got 4 $4.99 packs because of the extra penny. Even their second largest pack, the $40 one isn't much better as it's $4.44 per skin. You got to spend $100 to get even a decent discount, and even the $100 gives you each skin for $3.84. Way too expensive IMO considering how many skins are available. I get that they don't expect you to buy all of them but it'd be $1,200 if you wanted to.
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  16. Lavitz

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    They're just recolors of the default skins anyway.
  17. Sykikal

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    I realize that, but for some characters like Doomfist and Moira that don't already have many good skin options, I'd still want them. Just not enough to spend $5 a skin for.
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    There's spending money on skins, and spending money on objectively bad skins.

    League team skins are always ugly or clash with the artstyle

    Edit: wait these look like you can just flat out buy the special skins without going through the loot box system
    Why don't they just do that with all the skins
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  19. Sykikal

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    Just my opinion, but I don't think they're that bad. I'd rather get most of the other event skins, but some characters like Doomfist/Moira don't have a ton of event skins yet.

    That opens up a whole other can of worms. They probably feel like they sell more loot boxes this way by forcing you to buy stuff you don't want to get stuff you do. I guess they'd argue that eventually, you can get the skins you want by getting enough coins to get them, even if you're unlucky with loot boxes, but it seems like quasi-gambling to me. Plus, legendary event skins are 3k on the year they release which is pretty pricey so I don't think it's practical to buy up many of them.

    I guess since you're only getting digital items and not something that you can resell for money it puts it in line with carnival games or booster pack sets for cards, but stuff like CS:GO seems like a gray area to me where you actually can resell them since it's basically just gambling with a layer of abstraction between real money and the virtual items.
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    I just received this email from Blizzard.

    So, viewing 1 video = 5 cents? I guess it's good that they're at least providing an alternative for people who don't want to pay. What's to stop people from just having a bot run overnight and watch the videos though?

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