Outraged parents report that MGS5 is responsible for at least 40% of murders

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    Parents worldwide are in outrage today as they uncovered a shocking statistic. More than 65% of murderers and rapists, when questioned, had heard of Metal Gear Solid. Almost 35% had actually played at least one game in the series first hand, and more than 25% reported that they were fans of the game. Another shocking statistic reveals that the United States is third in the world when it comes to murder rates.

    After hearing this statistics, parents delved deeper into the game, to discover that the game rewards players for taking control of an evil assassin named Snake, who murders and slaughters other individuals just for doing their job. In some cases Snake is even forced to do so.

    Parents investigated it even further and found the latest trailer for Metal Gear Solid 5 on YouTube, which clearly depicted children with weapons. Outraged parents everywhere are coming to the same conclusion: Metal Gear Solid 5 encourages children to murder other children.

    Here are some comments from concerned parents.

    Parents are demanding congress stop selling Metal Gear Solid until they can do a research experiment that costs at least $10 million dollars in order to determine the effects this game has on young minds.
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Discussion in 'Articles' started by Sykikal, Mar 31, 2014.

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