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    Im back Sorry I benn disconected lately I have this class project Where I heve to take care of this BAby machine Thing..And then there my school porjects nad stuff And My girl and it all just piled up on me..Ill post next time I get a Chance Keep it up this is getting good actually..Oh and wtf A nuclear bomb every knows the hyper chu would use giga drain to absob the explosion duh XD just messing wiht you Dont be harsh on the guy Nix I found kind of funny..But next try to actually contribute to the story xd

    Im out for now,,ill try to write later...
  2. Nix

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    you should write it now an i wont be that harsh next time.
  3. Gino

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    Oh what that heck Ill wink it..

    - During the whole commotion Gino goes towards his wartortle. Wartotle Speaks to him and weirdly enough Gino understands him..(XD Kinda like Ash and Pikachu)

    The wartotle said he lost his Squirtle brother in the woods..He said his brother was special and Does evolved and Was as strong as A blastoise.

    The Gino Realized he had caught the incorrect Pokemon! Without a Word he rushed out of there whit Wartortle to look for the original Squirtle..that he had been seeking

    How will this story continue..

    I wonder if anyone else is reading this XD
  4. Nix

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    As they go to the woods gino hears a strong voice yelling wait for me gino. ITs nix. NIx comes running and says to gino im comming with you bud i need to train weaville and ill help you catch that squritle
    how will this story continue?
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  5. troll

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    Troll is at the house all alone working on his Hyperchu in the garage, and he dosen't even know that Gino and Nix are gone. Troll is also admiring his collection of Pokemon, Charizard, Blastoise, Torterra, Typhlosion, Blaziken, Empoleon, Giritina, and a secret Shaymin he didn't even know he had. Troll thinks everything is fine and goes to bed, after finishing working on his Hyperchu. How will this continue?
  6. Gino

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    HHEHE You better wacth out troll Team Spammer migth steal you pokemon XD

    As Nix and Gino Futher into hte forest..He hears A loud noise sorta like A giant water Cannon..

    It was the squirtle..Nix Send out his croagunk! Gino ask Nix what was he was doing?

    Nix said he help him cath the pokemon! Gino Send out..WARTORTLE!

    The battle Atmospher Grew intsesn...

    How will this story Continue XD
  7. Nix

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    As gino and nix were getting ready to battle. Team spammers gets troll's giratina and shiny shamin and they accidentaly realseas them without troll noticing. Giratina goes in to the other dimension and shaymin goes to a mystical forest. As nix and gino get ready to fight. Gino commands wartortle to use scratch but he cant because he cant attack his brother. Then nix tell weaville (not weasel guys i made a mistake the pokemon that came out and that i caught was a weaville so please correct) Weaville uses icywind follow up with a scratch. Then he uses ice beam. He quickly dodges the squirtle hydro pump he goes up in the sky hitting squirtle with a ice beam and a slash. Boom squirtle is fainted. Soon as gino is about to get a pokeball nix grabs a pokeball throws it at the fainted squirtle and says woot I caught it. So that squirtle is nix. Nix agrees that he has squirtle and that gino has wartortle they go all happily. Wartortle agrees as long as they both travel together his brother and him. :D how will this story continue?:?:
  8. Gino

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    HEHE you little foo you stole my Squirtle XD I'm ok wiht it for now..hehehe

    As Nix and Gino kept walking back..Gino was relived to arrive cuase Nix kept rubbing the squirtle in his face..:lol:..They arrivied to Find out that Troll had been robbed and Quickly went into action to find out who did it?

    They found this note with Team Spammer's name all over it..Nix said " What kind of Idiots do that? "

    Gino and TRoll replied wiht hussed monotone voices " Team Spammer"

    They left running outta the briged on to their Next journey...

    Nix and TRoll your both Doing Awsome on this..Let's just try to make this journey more longer and milk some parts more XD
  9. Extreme

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    can any one tell me what's going onn here:Y
  10. Gino

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    LOL I dont know this post started with troll saying this is his briged then me and Nix made up a Fantasy land with it and We made robotic pokemon and Then we started to make some sort of Story..I know very random XD

    You just gonna have to read everything to understand..would you like to join us misterius stranger XD
  11. Nix

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    Yea evil you can join, but nobody can have strong legendary pokemon I cleary said that. People dont listen
    any ways
    -continues story-
    As gino, nix, troll were on the hut they go to bed. Next stop violet city (were at the johto region)
    Im gonna challenge Falkner says nix. I think i have a pretty good chance in winning. He has a pidgey and a pidgeotto i heard. With my weavile i can take out pidgeotto, and with my squritle i can take out pidgey. Its a 2-2 pokemon battle. They walk into the forest to the way to violet city. As they walk gino gets hit with a rhyperior. He goes flying. How will this story continue? (hey evil maybe you can join in saying its your rhyperior that needs to be more obident and you can be my rible?)
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  12. Gino

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    * Cracks Knukles* Here we go...1st let me just take the Time to mention the Evil is finally out of Probation YEAH!!

    2nd...I'm planning of making a Comic about this whole story were making..But...I don't have the permissions necessary to use Pokemon Characters or names..so..Its hard to replace Pikachu and Stuff like that..

    3rd I gonna w8 to see if Evil will continue the story of he wants to..b4 posting or continuing the story..ok..That is all XD oh and post if you any ideas for the comic and stuff XD...
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  13. Nix

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    gino keep continuing evil will not take part!:@
  14. troll

    troll Keep up the Streak!

    Troll brings out his Torterra and tells him to use Hyper beam on the Rhyperior. The Rhyperior goes flying across the land and crashes into a woman's house. Troll is BACK! How will this story continue?
  15. Nix

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    Nix gino and troll keep walking to the woods. They finally get to violet city. :D woot im ready to challenge the gym leader here says nix. Mr falkner awaits for my gym challenge ill give him everything ive got.
    Troll you mine having a match with me? As they get ready...
    How will this story continue?
  16. Gino

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    GIno gets ready too see the macth bettween TRoll and Nix..suddenly *BAM* something hits Gino in the head and he Blacks out...

    He woke up tied to a Chair...and saw Evil..He was part of Team Spammer..He said he benn chasing me and troll every where ever since we got our Robotic Pikachus..

    I ask Evil why was he doing this? He said casue his username required him to be bad..I just though that was Stupid...I wondered What happend..Why didnt troll and Nix stop him..Do they even notice Im gone? Dang that stupid battle must of distracte them..

    I look at my feet..and I see this weird Charmander biting on my feet *Ouch* I said.

    I kept wondering If I would even get outta here..

    How will this story continue..
  17. Nix

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    As in the middle of the two on two battle suddenly weavile notices something. He quickly touches nix in the shoulder. Nix didnt listen he was to distracted and to focused on the battle. Then weaville got mad and gave him a big scratch on the butt. Nix jumped up. Whats the matter weaville? Weaville said that gino was missing. Quickly nix and troll went to look to him. Nix said who could it been. They saw big rhyperior tracks. They followed it. As they saw there was a big cave and in the big cave was a big building with a big S on it. Nix said team spammers!
    How will this story continue?
  18. Gino

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    As Nix and Troll went inside running towards the endless darknees of the cave..They saw a Charmander..Nix had sent out his Squirtle to take care of it..

    The Pokemon stared at each other as if they had meet before..Squitrle used Hydro pump without Nix even giving the order! The charmader block it with a Thunder Punch and he kept going straight towards Squirtle with it the Thuder Punch still on..*BAM* Squirtle is palarized...Troll was shocked...Then they heard a loud explsion from the bottom of the cave..and saw Gino's Wartortle running before he got crushed by the rock..The charmader had disappear..

    Nix and TRoll were silent for a moment..they Didn't want to think of what just happened..Gino Might have not survived the blast or rocks..

    How will this continue..
  19. Nix

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    They went close to the explosion finding a team of charmanders all around gino! They also found that the charmanders had trapped big wartortle. They had control of him and there big papa of the charmander was a big charizard. Although the Charizard was not that strong like the charmanders. (btw you can have 8 pokemon in your party) Nix got out his croagunk. Suddenly a big strong rhyperior took down croagunk with one hit:O. Nix was very impressive.
    How will this story continue?
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    Just posting to get a post

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