Nintendo stocks down after Wii U

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Sykikal, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. Sykikal

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    Greetings fellow video game enthusiasts. As you may already be aware, Nintendo Co. Ltd. stock has gone done shortly after the reveal of Wii U™. This must be disappointing information for Nintendo's investors. I anticipate once the console is released, this trend will change.

    I highly suspect the economy plays a significant factor in this trend.

    Fellow video game stock enthusiast, what are your predictions on the matter? Is Nintendo still a good company to invest in? Should I sell my stocks?

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  2. Joseph Alexander

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    On the contrary. While I do admit that it would have been unfortunate to purchase a large amount of stocks prior to this downward trend, I feel that it is the perfect opportunity for new investors to get into the market.

    This downward trend allows new investors to obtain a high amount of stocks in a potentially profitable company like Nintendo Co. Ltd at an affordable rate.

    When stocks return to regular value, an enormous amount of profit will be made. I am very excited for this new opportunity.

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