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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kenneth2, Mar 24, 2012.

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    If this counts as spam, feel free to delete it.

    I’d like to tell people about my latest novel, the Aquarium. It’s about a group of CIA agents who investigate a haunted aquarium. This aquarium is loaded with paranormal phenomena, including horrific monsters that have been mutated by psychic powers. It is available on

    I’m always on the lookout for new fans. My previous books were Dragons: Lexicon Triumvirate and Extraterrestrials.
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    Your story sounds a lot like Bioshock
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    i know that im not interested. ~
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    Hi Kenneth, so you're an author? Tell us a little more about yourself.

    • Your favorite video game genres
    • Your favorite game of all time
    • Favorite game series
    • Favorite Game company
    • Consoles (including handhelds) you own.
    • Friends codes/gamer tags for games or systems you own
    • Any other interesting peace of information about yourself and video games. Examples include how many games you have, how many hours you play a week, the hardest thing you've ever done in a video game, be creative!
    • Your hobbies or interests outside of video games.
    • Something else interesting or unique about yourself.

    Introductions here: Welcome to VGI - Video Game Info Forums
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    Thanks for your interest phsycical. To answer your questions:

    1. I unfortunately do not play video games anymore. They used to interest me, but I got old.

    2. My hobbies include drawing, martial arts and fantasizing.

    3. I guess the only other thing unique about myself is that I used to work at Paramount Pictures.

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    Actually, I did have two favorite game series -- Starfox and Resident Evil. Resident Evil 2 has got to be the greatest game of all time.

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