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Discussion in 'Xat (archive)' started by Roddy, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. Roddy

    Roddy Inactive

    There are three new up-coming powers.

    1. Octogram: Makes smileys Octogons [​IMG]. Selling now for 150 xats.

    2. Boot: Allows moderators and owners to boot people into other chats. For instance I could kick someone into the lobby, or if I was moving chats I could kick them into my used chat. Like kicking this also gags people in the chat they were kicked from. Example of boot being used:

    Price: 80 days.

    3. Show: Allows others to see how many xats/days you have when they click on your powers. Selling now for 50 xats.
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  2. ShadowToon

    ShadowToon Inactive

    You forgot few.

    You forgot (27)-(28)-(29) I dont know what is the look of that smileys but it's in the smiley cathegories.
  3. Roddy

    Roddy Inactive

    1. I believe that the power that shows xats/days is either 27, 28, or 29.

    2. I didn't list the numbered powers because I have no idea what they do.
  4. jelly533

    jelly533 Inactive

    Wow it seems like you fellows have a very nice community here. I'm glad I found this place.
  5. Indiman

    Indiman Inactive

    I've never seen boot on there though D: I wish I had it! Lolz
  6. atnatewosd

    atnatewosd Inactive

    i had boot but i sold it for 2000xats because i am saving up for purple.

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