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Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by CaspeR, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. CaspeR

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    Ok so supposedly there's a new patch coming out for MW2 which will be focused on “preventing hackers from affecting legitimate players.". The patch is for all platforms and obviously this patch is focused on online play. It has said to be triggered by the rush of PS3 users hacking their console. With the announcement of MW3 (Unconfirmed) is all of this perhaps a little too late?

    So is this going to bring anyone back into MW2? Does this mean that i'll be able to play a game of ground war without having to roll back my stats to my ACTUAL prestige? I've no idea if Mods and hacks are used frequently on the consoles but I've seen it happen for just about every game mode during my hours of play on the PC.

    That is all.
  2. Lavitz

    Lavitz Inactive

    They're not fixing one man army and that's a mistake.
    Black Ops>MW2
  3. CROWley

    CROWley Inactive

    Did you read it? :raise: He said it was for online for all platforms.
  4. Sykikal

    Sykikal Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah, I don't know how I missed that, sorry.

    Anyway, that's nice to hear. Better late than never.
  5. CROWley

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    hahhhaha, I dont know why you would be sorry, I thought I might get infracted for saying that. True better late than never, but do a lot of people still play Modern Warfare 2? I have COD World At War and I cant get the last couple acheivements for it because they're online. I thought as soon as black ops came out everybody went straight to that, just like with Halo and pokemon.
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  6. Seth

    Seth Fame Had An IV

    People still play Modern Warfare 2?
  7. Nin10dO

    Nin10dO Inactive

    I'll assume yes. Not everyone left COD: MW2 for Black Ops.
  8. atnatewosd

    atnatewosd Inactive

    lots of people play modern warfare 2, because black ops has terrible multi player.
    But black ops had the best Zombies!
  9. Gino

    Gino Inactive

    You kidding me? Mw2 multi player is cheap..Like Lavitz say's

    As for the zombie thing in Black ops it was good at 1st but I got old really quick..I'm thinking about getting that new zombie map cause I'm sick of the same crap..
  10. RyanPotter

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    The game has a feature called kill streaks that allows you to request support depending on how many kills you have without dieing. Without spoiling the specifics, the problem is that once you have a kill streak reward, it places the other players at a serious disadvantage. Essentially the first person to open up their rewards is most likely going to have the highest kill count in the game.
  11. CaspeR

    CaspeR Inactive

    And the relevance to the thread is..?
  12. troll

    troll Keep up the Streak!

    His post was relevant to the previous posts, not the thread. The other users were talking about people leaving MW2 for Black Ops, and Ryan stated that MW2 has better features such as killstreaks.
  13. CaspeR

    CaspeR Inactive

    Relevant how? His post has nothing to do with that and neither does the thread.

    Yea... nah.

    Ryan never stated that they were a better feature at all, and whilst on the subject how can they be a better feature if Black ops has kill streaks too? /RhetoricalQuestion

    Your logic is somewhat flawed.
  14. troll

    troll Keep up the Streak!

    You sir are a moron.

    His post was revelant to the OTHER posts in the thread NOT the topic of the thread itself. Learn to read sir.

    KILLSTREAKS alone are a vague subject. THE KILLSTREAKS such as uav's care packages predator missiles and nukes are better than BLACK OPS' Killstreaks such as attack dogs and chopper strikes.

  15. CaspeR

    CaspeR Inactive

    Ok, let me say this again and this time be sure to read everything before you Lolrageagain.

    In Ryan's post he in no way shape or form even hinted that the Modern Warfare 2 killstreaks are better, it isn't even implied. Yet you say it has relevance to the other posts in the thread. Hmm Lets see... the subject you claimed the post to be relevant to was?
    Once again this isn't even mentioned in the post, Ryans post has NOTHING to do with this.

    The subjects of killstreaks may be vague on their own, but you should probably read the post because even Atnatewosd the 9 year old Puerto Rican immigrant can tell that it is just a description.


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