New Mario Party: Star Rush - No Online?

Discussion in 'Nintendo' started by Knagg, Jun 18, 2016.

  1. Knagg

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    Mario Party: Star Rush is coming out for the Nintendo 3ds in October. When looking at the features, it states a selling catchphrase of being made for the gamers on the go. Competing with your friends in Local Play or even Download Play.

    Welcome to 2016, where a mainstream party game lacks a staple feature: Online. Why would Nintendo leave this out? We all know it'll hurt the sales. Why do you think they would leave Online play out of their most recent Mario Party title?
  2. Sykikal

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    I sort of thought that they made Mario Party 9 worse on purpose just to make number 10 seem better. It'd have been a perfect time to introduce online. Not many games get a "10", it's a big milestone, and Nintendo blew it.

    To play devil's advocate, maybe they're leaning against it because it'd require a good online connection. The minigames involve split second timing, so any lag would be very noticeable and create a huge problem. In addition to that if there were any disconnects it'd ruin the game.

    Not that I understand all of the technical hurdles involved, but I think Nintendo should do better. I played an unofficial emulator for N64 and the online was usable. It's pretty bad if Nintendo with all their billions can't produce a similar result. They're just out of touch. They were the last to adopt HD (360 and PS3 got it before Wii U was out), have the lamest online play, have the stupid Nintendo ID system that doesn't let you download your games on other platforms, region locking, etc. I wouldn't care if I didn't like Nintendo but the issue is I do. I don't want them to go under.

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