Neat Story: How I (and a few others) hopefully saved a cat

Discussion in 'Veng's Randomness' started by vengvong, Feb 12, 2015.

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    It was a Thursday afternoon, and I was walking through a park with two good friends of mine (Let's call them N and J.)

    N, J and I go part way through the park. We were playing with a pair of scissors, throwing it and getting the blade to stick in trees and other wood. We look back, and all of a sudden there's a cat lying there.

    We go to the cat, and it looks skinny, and my friend noticed that it had an injured paw. No collar. We called N's mom, and N's mom gives us the number to a local animal shelter.

    We call the animal shelter, and we were greeted by a woman (note we were on speaker phone.) We explained the situation, and we gave the address. We gave the woman N's full name, and N's mom's number. The call ended.

    We stayed by the cat's side for a good 45 minutes. We named it Whiskers. We questioned whether or not it was alive.

    One of the animal shelter's workers came, and we explained. He placed a blanket on the cat, picked it up, and placed it in a cage.

    We say our goodbyes, and the worker with the cat drives away, and we continue playing with scissors.
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    Nice job, that's a good story. To be honest I'm kind of surprised there was nothing NSFW in it. I rarely check in here because given your track record I was just expecting all your posts to be NSFW.

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