Neat Story #3: Cutting class

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    This happened today, and I thought it was pretty funny.

    Beside my highschool, we have a Community Centre. Many kids of my grade hang out here at lunch. It has billiards/pool, pingpong, foosball, and a Wii in the room we hang out in.

    While walking to the Community Centre at lunch, my friend N (same one from the first neat story) got me to skip next block with him. It was Friday, and the last block of the day, so why the heck not. I agreed.

    We hung out there with a bunch of friends. I bought a can of Pepsi and played a bit of pingpong and foosball (we would've played pool but it's the most popular one, almost always taken by a bunch of regular's in our grade. I regularly watch them.).

    The bell to go to the next (and final) class rung. N and I stayed at the Community Centre, setting up pool. We had fun.

    After half an hour, we heard a familiar voice. I died a little when I heard it. I turned around, and there she was.

    My teacher.

    Ms. Z (teacher) got us to stop playing pool, and we walked back to the school, where we were mocked by Mr. G for skipping and getting caught. We walked back to my class (N isn't in my class but he's allowed to work here), and we immediately began to do work. N was doing a resume, I was doing a poem for English.

    We ended up asking Ms. Z how she found out where we were. Basically, she overheard N's teacher for that block talking about him being absent. I'm in Ms. Z's class for that block, so she knew I was skipping.

    She put two and two together, and presto, she correctly predicted that we were skipping together, and our location.

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