Neat Story #2: The path I took to end up here at VGI

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    I was thinking about this for a while yesterday. I just thought it was neat how if certain things didn't happen, or happened differently, I wouldn't have ended up here.

    First, in the 1st Grade, my friends introduced me to Club Penguin. Pretty neat game which I cherish to this day.

    This lead me to try and find a website that gave out free Club Penguin memberships called Arctic Antics (Note, this was a year or two or three after I first joined Club Penguin). Was fun, but eventually I stopped going for a reason I can't remember.

    A few years later, I get back on the site and make a new account. There, I meet Bella46076. I went onto her blog, and her xat chat. She was cool, and everyone is cool.

    My memory gets a bit hazy here, but some time after the previous event, Arctic Antics get shut down, and her blog goes private so I email her asking what happened and all that. Don't remember how long it took before I got a reply, IIRC it was a year, but hell ya i finally got a reply, and it's from her telling me to go to another website called RibbonPrizes, and I also end up hanging out at their xat group.

    I don't know which of the two events come first, but here they are.

    RibbonPrizes' chat and its people move to Bella's current chat, ThisIsAnAwesomeGroupName. We stopped going there a bit before the end of 2016.

    Second event is that I get an idea for Bella and I (& other xat friends) to go to other random xat chats and start talking nonsense in terrible spanish. One of these chats ends up being VGI. I get mazebanned by Sykikal for this, and the mazeban is ultra glitchy so I can't even complete. I was eventually unbanned (thx bella) and went on to register on the VGI forums.

    And now I'm here.

    I'd like to thank my two friends Matthew and Ryu for introducing me to Club Penguin, and also Bella46076 for RibbonPrizes and such. Also Sykikal for even making VGI in the first place.
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