Monthly Game Discussion #2 - Earthbound (June 1st- June 30th)

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Sykikal, May 25, 2015.


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  2. Borderlands 2

  3. Earthbound

  4. Half-Life 2

  5. Limbo

  6. Okami

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  8. Psychonauts

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  1. Sykikal

    Sykikal Administrator Staff Member

    I think I'm making some good progress. I got to the sixth sanctuary, went through that dungeon/human person and the pyramid, and then I went to the swamp, then I went to the town with all the shy people. I got a call from apple/orange kid. I want to get to Winters now to meet them, but I can't find a spot to use teleport, I keep running into a wall. I'll keep looking.

    Edit: Nevermind, I just saw Poo has teleport level 2. I'm off!
  2. vengvong

    vengvong Limit Breaker

    Ness - Lvl 56
    Paula - Lvl 51
    Jeff - Lvl 50
    Poo - Lvl 48

    I'm farming for EXP so this is gonna increase.
    What's your guys' levels?
  3. Fenrir

    Fenrir Luminary of the stars!!

    ness Lv 79
    paula Lv 66
    jeff Lv 65
    poo Lv 62

    teddy bear Lv-cute little meatbag
  4. vengvong

    vengvong Limit Breaker

    Did you beat all 8 Sanctuaries, and get past Magicant?
  5. Fenrir

    Fenrir Luminary of the stars!!

    sure did.
  6. Sykikal

    Sykikal Administrator Staff Member

    Ness - 78
    Paula - 66
    Jeff - 66
    Poo - 57

    I did the sixth sanctuary and I'm looking for the seventh. I just gave the "Overcoming shyness" book to the shy town.
  7. Fenrir

    Fenrir Luminary of the stars!!

    Beat the game!, the final boss was an interesting one. liked the concept behind it. shit got serious quick o,o
  8. vengvong

    vengvong Limit Breaker

    Glad you liked it! :D
  9. Sykikal

    Sykikal Administrator Staff Member

    I just beat the 7th sanctuary boss. He had that annoying reflective PSI shield, but I took him out pretty easily thanks to two of those multibottle rockets from Jeff. I have plenty of money to blow anyway. Now I'm in some odd prehistoric area.
  10. vengvong

    vengvong Limit Breaker

    Finally got the damn Sword of Kings after 30 Starmen Super.
  11. Sykikal

    Sykikal Administrator Staff Member

    I did it, I beat Earthbound! I have to admit, I was kind of annoyed when this game was picked, just like I was kind of skeptical when Dues Ex was picked but I'm glad I played through both of them. Earthbound was one of those ironic games that I want to say I have played/know about, but that I never actually sat down to play. Kind of like Final Fantasy 7. It was just one of those things that was on my bucketlist, but because it wasn't urgent, I kept putting it off and there was never a time when I was actually going to get around to it. Finally getting it on the monthly game discussion gave me the excuse I needed to finish it.

    The humor in it is really strange, but really entertaining, I think I'd have liked it more had I given it more of a chance back when I first got the game. Although I may miss out on being a hipster who disliked Earthbound.

    Since this month's discussion went a little more successfully, I'm hoping a certain someone will consider rejoining in next month.;)

    Lastly, I leave you all with this. I don't know how they pulled this off but reading this sign was more emotionally impactful than most video games deaths are.

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  12. vengvong

    vengvong Limit Breaker

    Glad you liked it Syk :D

    The reason why I'm behind all of you is probably because I'm going for a 100% completion run (sort of), with everyone's ultimate weapons and unlocks. I'm currently farming Uncontrollable Spheres for that 1/128 chance of getting a Broken Attena, which Jeff can repair for his ultimate weapon. Currently beaten 20 enemies so far with no success.

    Edit: 30 now :(
    Edit: 40 :(
    Edit: Holy snap, got the Broken Attena at the 46th Uncontrollable Sphere. :D

    Edit: Beat the 7th Sanctuary Boss, now I'm in the Lost Underworld. I also have all of Poo's equips now hell yea!

    Edit: K I beat the 8th Sanctuary and beat Magicant. Now I'm off to farm Major Psychic Psychos for 3 Star Pendants, each with a 1/128 chance :( Currently at 5
    Edit: I'm at 25 :(
    Edit: 50 :(
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