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  1. Spell-checker

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    It seems like xat is running out of ideas, I mean, a military power? Some of the smileys aren't even good. I mean, this is a power that I would hardly ever use, less use than any other I know, the fact that it's about the military and it not having any guns isn't good. I saw this military idea on vote, and I first thought of it being "unnecessary, unfunny, un-needed, un-wanted." That's exactly the way I feel, this power is limited also, seriously? And people are all "BUYING MILITARY 300 XATS!!" about it, what the hell? This power isn't even worth "300 xats", this shouldn't have even been limited. People will get tired of this power really quick, I know after the first 5 minutes it bore me out.

    BOTTOM LINE: Buying this power would be a waste of your xats, I mean, it's not even needed for allpowers, unless you wanted all the rares. I would suggest you look at the smileys before you even come anywhere near this power. It's always up to you whether you like the smileys or not, but some of the smileys are just plain stupid.
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    The power seem useless to me as well, because of the simple fact that many xat users (especially when they are under 18 years old) may know little about military. I could be wrong; Some might know all about the military, but it can be true that they don't know. I can see if today was Veteran’s Day, or if this power is for Veteran’s Day… By the way, Circus is a good smiley power because this is circus season.

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