Super Smash Bros March 2009 tier list

Discussion in 'Nintendo' started by Nack, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. TheD3monE

    TheD3monE Inactive

    I really don't think JigglyPuff is that bad its just the way u look at her i mean she can jump alot and i been prety good with her latley.(I play SSBB in nieghbors hows) Although im trying to get the game for my self.
  2. ArtDragonblade

    ArtDragonblade Inactive

    HEY! Jiggly pwns =3 And he is low D:
  3. Loyolity1

    Loyolity1 Inactive

    Hmm how is captain falcon in the way bottom i dont get it i mean he is rocking when i play with him i mostly win and his super smash can take out an opponent (maybe not pit) but back to it he rocks idrk why he is at the bottom :s
  4. tomhammer3

    tomhammer3 Inactive

    You pinned marth too low man, and metaknight too high. I suggest switching them around because meta is an easy counter if you can do aerial attacks like most people can, and Marth can get 3 KOs in one suicidal move. Link is WAY too low though, he should be in the demigod or top section, because if you know how to use him, he can be very hard to counter. Other than these few, I don't really care because those are the two people I usually use anyways other than pikachu and kirby, who seem fine where they are.
  5. Nin10dO

    Nin10dO Inactive

    It depends how good you are with the character, if you really know your character's moves and more, you can destroy Meta Knight with Jigglypuff. :lol:

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    I doubt its "official" this is probably his opinion. Only cause someone uses Meta Knight doesn't mean they always gonna win. :@
  6. Bootz

    Bootz Inactive

    OK, now im sorry but i must say this is the worste Teir list ive seen in my life, falco is not 3rd best. Hes 4th. And hes not 4th best because he can beat the other players under him, but for the simple fact of him having better match-ups then the rest he can also out space and out camp every character in the game, Including snake. Lucas is NOT above ness and hes not one above ness. Ness has better options, when it comes to spacing with air game and having a back throw. Besides that. Gannon is and always will be the WORST character in the game. Falcon is nowhere close to being 2nd worse hes better than link, and alot more on this screwed up list. who cares game and watch can beat MK, thats not a fact that depends on the player. MK is better than EVERYYYYY character on the game. Because of his Neutral B, up B. F-tilt, up and down tilt and his air game is superior. Snake is def. 2nd best so no arguing about how he should not be. Hes a good character. And hell stay in that position until he gets wrecked badly by a low tier in a tourney which will not happen to any good snake. which is the reason why ViceGrip will never be able to be in the finals with M2K. Please change this !
  7. TheD3monE

    TheD3monE Inactive

    Jiggily Puff

    How dare you put Jigglily puff all the way down there man he's epic.I bet i can probly win you with him XD.
  8. mmmdonut

    mmmdonut Inactive

    this tier list is a joke how dare u put peach,pit,and bowser above lucas:@
  9. Tasha

    Tasha Inactive

    I totally have to disagree with you on that one. Jigglypuff is Bad. Baaaaad.

    She doesn't have a good KO move. (Roll out is not good. Hush.)
    I find that the rate she does damage is low.
    She's easily KO'd. (Nearing 80%? Hit with an uncharged smash? You're done.)
    Not that final smashes matter, but her's sucks.
    The Sing/Sleep combo is useless. They wake up before you can finish it.

    The only thing she has going, is her amount of jumps. That's not very unique. x.x
  10. zomb

    zomb Inactive

    The tier is pointless IMO, if you're good as your character then with the right strategy you can beat any other character. The only thing better about different characters is the person playing as them. Yeah maybe one character is easier to use but in the end it comes down to the person behind the character, not the character itself.
  11. Tasha

    Tasha Inactive

    I'm pretty sure the tiers grade the characters by priority, the time between attacks or attack speed, recovery, damage vs. damage received, ect.

    The amount of official tournaments won might play a roll in it, but I'm sure that's more of a "what character is more common" kind of thing.

    But yes, any character in the right hands can be pretty dang sexy.
  12. Nin10dO

    Nin10dO Inactive

    But Jigglypuff has a secret KO move if you jump and press B + down it has a power snore attack that can KO easily. You can use it In event match 51 for SSBM and it works in Brawl too. :Y

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    Yeah true. If you like choosing your favorite character and the "best tier" the best thing to do it find a character you like thats in the highest as possible tier.
  13. Tasha

    Tasha Inactive

    Agreed, I quite like playing as Diddy, Marth, and Falco, but I mainly play Diddy the most, not solely because he's pretty high on the tier list, but I enjoy his play style. I don't mind when people play as Meta Knight at all, but when they only take an interest in him because he's the highest rank on the tier, they expect to kick everyone's ass, it's quite annoying.

    As for the Jigglypuff secret KO move, I thought they had to be asleep for that to work? I always tried putting them to sleep, and by the time I was able to recover from that and try sleep, they have already woken up and rolled away or something of the sort.
  14. Gino

    Gino Inactive

    Personaly Tier or not Ive always like Meta Knight. He just fits my play stile..I like speedy characters..Thats probrally why I hate ganadorf so much XD
  15. Nin10dO

    Nin10dO Inactive

    Actually Meta Knight is in the highest tier.
  16. Dwlr

    Dwlr Inactive

    The tiers are actually a faux attempt at classifying a character's usability. A character's usability is decided upon MAINLY from tournaments disregarding the 'which character is more common' as unimportant. Basically they care about where the highest player playing a given character ended up, in the end there isn't a single formula you can say that it is forsure since it's a subjective thing determined by the more 'recognized' people within the community. If you watch the results of the MLG circuit you'll notice that those results correspond fairly well with the current tier lists. The attempted purpose of the tiers is to decide which character given equally skilled players is expected to win i.e. a Metaknight that is equally skilled as a player using Fox the Metaknight is expected to win according to the tiers. In the end it doesn't actually mean anything at all and just causes the community to be infested with more of the top tier characters than anything else because people new to the game want to be the 'best' character, on the other hand you have the people who use low-tier characters so they can attempt to feel better about themselves if they beat somebody using Metaknight or they have an excuse when they lose to said Metaknight player.
  17. Tasha

    Tasha Inactive

    I absolutely hate when people bring up the teir list as an excuse to why they lost. Sheesh.
  18. Shadow 2

    Shadow 2 Inactive

    I agree, Meta Knight is the god tier.

    Because he has the following moves:

    1-Long Glide.(No one can do it)

    2-Jumps Quick(good for saves)

    3-High Speed(good for rates)

    4-Can miss a someone final smash attack(67%)

    5-Attacks Quickly.(Better wins)

    And with all that, Its my main here.

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