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    RPG Maker VX is the fifth installment in the PC RPG Maker series, followed by RPG Maker XP. Like the previous RPG Makers, RPG Maker VX features an enhanced user-friendly graphical interface and a powerful set of features. Using the "database" and "event" system, it allows even beginners to create a fully functional role-playing game with absolutely no programming knowledge.

    RPG Maker VX comes with new, interesting features; the ability to instantly create events for chests, doors, inns, and so on, the random dungeon generator, increased 60 frames per second, and much more! RPG Maker VX, like other makers in the series, comes packed with a large, whole set of default audio and graphic resources (Run Time Package, or RTP) all ready for use, allowing beginners to create beautiful maps and scenes.

    The scripting feature from RMVX's predecessor returns in the name of Ruby Game Scripting System 2 (RGSS2), which has been tailored and upgraded specifically for RPG Maker VX. The new features of this system allow you to go beyond the basic functions of the engine by changing any feature want; such as, the battle system, game play menu, and much more. The RGSS2 feature puts RMVX on a more customizable level that has never been reached before by any other maker in the series.


    Platform: PC
    Publisher: Enterbrain
    Developer: Enterbrain
    Release Date: December 27, 2007 (Japan)
    February, 2008 (English)
    Systems: Vista / 98 / 98SE / Me / XP / 2000


    Download: :stab::Y
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    So this will do like the basic database of a RPG.Nice work.

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