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    RPG Maker XP (RMXP) is the fourth PC installment in the popular RPG Maker series, and the first to receive an official English release. Like the previous RPG Makers, RMXP provides a user-friendly interface to create a complete role playing game with little to no programming knowledge and a relatively low learning curve for the program itself.

    This was the first installment in the RPG Maker series to introduce the concept of scripting. RMXP uses the Ruby scripting language - a complete and growing language with a large library of predefined classes - to define how the game looks and behaves. Experienced users can use and modify the Ruby classes provided, called RGSS, to fully customize their games. Other experienced users, known colloquially as "scripters," have provided a vast library of RMXP compatible scripts that can be used to do everything from add a little eye candy to completely revamp the battle system.

    With the introduction of scripting, nearly anything becomes possible, including tactical RPGs, isometric RPGs, and even online RPGs. The sky is almost literally the limit, if one has the patience to learn Ruby or can find a script to suit their needs already made.

    RMXP also doubled the screen resolution of the previous two makers, creating a graphical experience closer to the end of the SNES era or the dawn of the PSX era.

    Like the previous RMs, RMXP comes with a large package of graphics, music, and sounds (known as the Run Time Package, or RTP) that can be used to create a complete RPG, including flexible tiled graphics to create beautiful maps and characters to represent NPCs, heroes, and monsters.


    Platform: PC
    Publisher: Enterbrain
    Developer: Enterbrain
    Release Date: July 22, 2004 (Japanese)
    September 16, 2005 (English)
    Systems: XP / 2000 / Me / Vista (Update Required)


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