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    RPG Maker 2000 is the second installment in the PC RPG Maker series, followed by RPG Maker 95. RPG Maker 2000 is what led many to use RPG Maker to make their games. It does not require programming knowledge, as everything is done through events. Want to speak to a character? Make a new event, choose the graphic, click on the "Show message" button, and then type in what they'll say and you're done.

    RPG Maker 2000 uses a default battle system that is front view, like early Dragon Warrior series. Those up for a challenge may want to instead try making their own battle system, which can be created through complicated, custom event processes. Many different types of games have been made using this method; such as tactical RPGs, action RPGs, or even puzzle games. RPG Maker 2000, like other makers in the series, comes packed with a large, whole set of default audio and graphic resources (Run Time Package, or RTP) all ready for use, allowing beginners to create beautiful maps and scenes.

    Being an older maker, it doesn't require a higher-end computer like RPG Maker XP and VX do, but RPG Maker 2000 is also more limited. The maps are created from tilesets, which are images that are 480x256 pixels. Each tile is 16x16 pixels, and it is restricted to 256 colors. The resolution is at 320x240, which is great for SNES-style games. Those that want a more modern look to their games may find themselves limited in what they can do. Also, up to 20 pictures at a time can be displayed at once. However, this is possibly the most user-friendly program of all of the RPG Maker series.

    ScreenShot ::stab:
    Platform: PC
    Publisher: ASCII
    Developer: Enterbrain
    Release Date: April 5, 2000 (Japanese)
    Systems: Windows 95 / 98 / 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP

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