Lol, what will you do if someone hacks your xat account?

Discussion in 'Xat (archive)' started by PokemonExpert3525, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. This is a serious situation. If someone hacked your xat account, they can take your powers, days, and xats away. They can also change your password so you won't be able to get in your account. If you guys have a suggestion, please say it. One of the methods i would say is that you should have a back up xat account:?:
  2. Pikawars

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    hmm, well the first thing is, they have access to your email. so first change EVERY account you have on the internet. (backup email)

    by doing this a backup email would be very helpful in this time of need.

    also try contacting the Help chat of xat.
  3. SkyTehepicness

    SkyTehepicness Inactive

    Fingerprint Scanner

    well my idea only helps if u have a good computer with a fingerprint scanner u just get it to memorize ur finger print for that thing and u slide it accross then it will log u in no matter what its very useful
  4. fundude589

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    I'd go to another computer and make a new xat account :):woop::P
  5. Pikawars

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    i think nobody could afford something like that, sounds expensive =/
  6. CaspeR

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    Well I wouldn't pay for Xat in the first place, I get by fine without any of that stuff.

    But If theoretically if I did have an account with all that.

    I imagine there will be a way of getting all that was lost back, if you have proof.
  7. Billybob

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    First thing to do is to go to your email, and change that password. Then change your account password. Make sure you change the email password first, because that way you can have control of your account again. Then change your xat password. I recomend NOTHING related to the old password. Next is to send a ticket to xat. Most likely they will tell you its your sole responsibility... etc. I hate it when they do that, but it is.

    Ways to ovoid being hacked:

    1. Have a password that does not have anything to do with your xat reg name / show name.

    2. Dont put show on if you have a lot of xats. That will incourage more people to try to hack you.

    3. If someone pc's you saying you can win xats at so and so's sight, its 99.999999% A SCAM!!!!!

    I myself got scammed cause I was a noob and logged in on a fake login site, I got my powers back but that is becuase I have contacts.

    The best way to make sure you do not get hacked, is to basicly be smart.

    Remember: There is no law on xat that says you have to say who you really are. So someone who you think is your friend, could be very much the opposite.

    But dont worry, everyone on this site is really nice. :)
  8. i would make another acount
  9. Runner

    Runner Inactive

    maybe you should try and contact xat
  10. CROWley

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    i bought xats with experience points how do those transfer also i need the name of the chat if anybody can tell me a hackers name ill pay you in powers when i get some more days
  11. dani

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    start by putting the thread in the right section.
  12. atnatewosd

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    wow, you can actually get your account back using your email adress, you can just say forgot password and you can change the password after that there you go you have your account back.:cross:
  13. xxpkerxx

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    if somone hacks your xat account you should report that person right away and find out who hacked it!!

    in red is xx pker xx replies
  14. CaspeR

    CaspeR Inactive

    1. Your no more special than anyone else, so keep your posts to normal font.

    2. If you report that person, clearly you know who "hacked it".

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