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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by vengvong, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. vengvong

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    What are some conditionally useful superpowers?

    Rules are, no superpowers that are too overpowered, and conditions must be fair/balancing. The idea isn't to make the power mundane, but rather to neuter it in an interesting or ironic way

    Examples of conditionally useful superpowers:
    * You can fly, but only when it's raining.

    * You can breathe underwater but only while your feet are dry.

    *You can shoot from your fingers, but it's always ketchup. You can choose the speed that the ketchup is fired at, but the limit is the speed of a bullet.

    *You can open any door at will, but another door in your current building closes as a result. Vice versa, you can close a door at will, but another door in your current building opens. The door must be part of a building, and you'll be considered part of that building if you're outside.

    *Super speed, but only while your eyes are closed.

    *Super strength, but only in one limb. Changes every day at random.

    *You can speak any language, except the language of those in your current room
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    So do you plummet to the ground if it stops raining or if you fly into an area where it isn't raining?

    This seems weird, but some ideas:

    You're always the second fastest runner in your general area/visible range.

    You can learn in 65% of the time it'd normally take you.

    Your spit is really hot depending on how spicy the food you eat is eg. if you eat hot salsa you can spit boiling water. If you eat hot sauce you can spit acid.

    You have four arms but they're all half as strong as they were when you had two arms.

    Invisibility but only when nobody is looking at you (can be used to sneak by animals or security cameras).

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