Is there any game you've never finished?

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Sykikal, May 27, 2011.

  1. Sykikal

    Sykikal Administrator Staff Member

    Is there anygame where you've played several hours in it, but didn't finish it? The ending was too difficult, the game wasn't entertaining enough to hold your interest?

    If so, which games are they?
  2. Reggie

    Reggie Limit Breaker

    I know this is an older game, Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. The game is good at first, until my nephew and I “burned it out.” I have never gotten to the end of the game because my nephew kept starting the game over repeatedly (overwriting the current progress of the game for the new one). That made me upset to see the progress I made go to waste. Therefore, I gave up playing it. Now my nephew is upset to see that I do not play anymore. He fails to realize that whenever he overwrite an unfinished game in progress, it takes a while to retain the part I was on.
  3. Snow

    Snow Dedicated Member

    Well, I don't recall ever finishing the original Kingdom Hearts, I played it for ages, but the last few boss battles were to hard. I also never got around to finishing Halo3 ODST, though I can't say I played that for hours.

    Kingdom hearts
    Halo 3 ODST
    Jak 3
    New Super Mario Bros. Wii
    GTA IV
    Metroid Prime
    Sonic Unleashed
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  4. Lavitz

    Lavitz Inactive

    Hmm I'll just list the last 2 generations and only put the ones I currently own because there are a lot of ones I rented and never finished or some I sold a long time ago

    Sonic Heroes
    All the PlayStation 2 GTA games (I played to mess around)
    Suikuden IV
    Dragon Quest VIII
    Prince of Persia Warrior Within
    Ultimate Spiderman
    Rogue Galaxy

    This gen:
    Resident Evil 5
    Juiced 2
    Viva Pinata Trouble in Paradise
    Eternal Sonata
    Half Life 2 episode 2
    De Blob
    Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn
    Sonic and the Secret rings

    Probably a few more I can't think of and I didn't include handheld games or XBLA games
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  5. CROWley

    CROWley Inactive

    -Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 for the origonal xbox
    -GTA Vice City, My Data Got Corrupted
    -Super Meat boy, i refuse to move on until i get an arcade stick. I HATE the 360 controller, I'm Also Not Moving On Until I Unlock the Guy
    -Blinx: Time Sweeper
    -Mario Kart DS
    -Burnout 3 Takedown
    -Feeding Frenzy
    -Luxor 2
    -N3 Ninety Nine Nights

    Those are all that i can remember at the moment.
    The Only ones i don't still have are Vice City And Tony Hawk.
    I Still Plan to finish every one but some like ninety nine nights got scratched and I have to resurface them.
  6. Nin10dO

    Nin10dO Inactive

    You don't even want to get me started with these games. Before, I used to buy used GameCube games every month or so. I never bought another game until I beat the game completely (Like beating all cups and unlocking everything). I did the same for the GameBoy games as well. Even though some games are extremely hard (like F-Zero GX for the GameCube). I still manage to beat them under extreme stress and anger. It brought me good times when I unlocked characters and stages, but it was more frustration then fun.

    Anyways, these are games I never completed:

    Mario Kart: Super Circuit (Never beat all the cups)
    Mario Power Tennis (Never beat all cups or unlocked any characters)
    Mario Strikers Charged (Never beat all cups or unlocked all the characters)
    New Super Mario Bros. Wii (I forgot about that game)
    Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (I stopped playing right before the final boss) I'm going back and beating it.

    They're way more games, but I'll add more later.
  7. dani

    dani Inactive

    wind waker.
    twilight princess.
    i rly didnt have the attention span for em. o.o
  8. Seth

    Seth Fame Had An IV

    mirrors edge. it was too boring
    kingdom hearts 1. i got bored easily with it so i bought 2
    fallout 3. also got really bored
    dead rising 2. annoying game tbh
    new super mario bros. wii. i got so bored with it
    Scott Pilgrim vs the world. just stopped playing
    castle crashers. i got bored and stopped playing
    prototype. it was a horrible infamous knock off
    gta 4. i thought it was also boring
    gta vice city. i couldn't beat a mission then i sold it
    sands of time
    probably it off the top of my head.
  9. Kronos

    Kronos Inactive

    The one I remember most is Majoras Mask.

    I got so far in that game and then got stuck. . it was so stressful. But that game was amazing.
  10. CaspeR

    CaspeR Inactive

    Majora's Mask
    Quake 2
    Dragonball GT: Final Bout
    Point Blank
    Ghost in the shell
    Crash bash
    Clive Barker's Undying
    Knights of the Old Republic II
    Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines
    GTA: Vice City

    When I was little I never really had the patience to stick with games but now days I feel kinda obligated to play them right through.
  11. Sykikal

    Sykikal Administrator Staff Member

    Odd, for me it is the opposite. When I was little, I had a lot more freetime, and less options for things I could be doing; I also had less income to spend on video games. In addition to that, there was less extra things to do in games. So I'd usually end up beating each one of my games multiple times. Now however, there are so many more things to do; so I generally only beat games once, and sometimes not even that.
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  12. Nin10dO

    Nin10dO Inactive

    Same, when I was little I would stick to a game for a long time. When I came back to the games a few years later, I tried playing it. I knew I wasn't nearly as good as I was before and I got bored with them right away. One example was Mario vs. Donkey Kong for the GBA, played that game and beat it lots of times. Now, there's too many games I have to play (like the Zelda series) and there's too many games I haven't beat.
  13. Mr Infamous

    Mr Infamous Inactive

    Unbeat Games

    Oh this gonna be a long list I think I'm not even gonna have all of them in here.

    -EVERY SINGLE GTA- Be the criminal you wanted to be> Help some mexican.

    -Bioshock 2- Xbox Broke and Multiplayer is too fun.

    -Sonic Unleashed (PlayStation 2)- *****ING NIGHT LEVELS!!!

    -Metroid Prime-After First Boss( or 20 days later) YOU HAVE A MINUTE TO please get out!


    -GoW- *****ING XBOX BROKE!!!!!! :@ :@ :@

    Well there's alot more but I dont want to waste all yourr time reading EVERY GAME Ive haven't beaten.
  14. CROWley

    CROWley Inactive

    it's not wasting our time if were intrested in reading it thats what forums are for. Don't wanna read it Dont Have to.

    I used to think the GTA series was impossible until I attempted to beat Vice City with my brother we had so much fun but our data was corrupted.

    I've ALWAYS tried to beat games. First I Go For The story Then Go back And "mop Up" anything I'd missed, when I can't get new games for a while (not that often) I play a single game for days on end going back and finishing up objectives.

    Saints Row For Example, I bought a new copy yesterday and i've been going back and doing all of the activities withouht cheats since i've alltogether quit using cheats in videogames since I last played it.
  15. Aya Shameimaru

    Aya Shameimaru Inactive

    I never maxed out on any MMO. Either I get bored or its toooooo long
  16. CROWley

    CROWley Inactive

    As it turned out my GTA: Vice City data never got deleted. I just didn't realize I beat it.

    Unless the Game is on the list A second time I've beaten it.

    -Ninety-Nine Nights II
    -Super Meat Boy
    -Blinx: Time Sweeper
    -Mario Kart DS
    -Burnout 3 Takedown
    -Feeding Frenzy
    -Luxor 2
    Mystery Dungeon:shiren The Wanderer
    Shiren The Wanderer
    Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012
    Phantasy Star II
    Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

    Currently I'm working on

    -Crackdown 2
    -Dark Sector
    -The Outfit
    -The Darkness

    Recently I finished

    -Two Worlds II
    -The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

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