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    As a small-time game writer and programmer I can safely say that one of the biggest reasons I don't program more is because I don't have ideas. I remember my dad telling me about this book of dice games he had in middle school and this computer he had. He told me he never had ideas for his programming and that he resorted to writing programs that simulated these dice games (in fortran). I find myself having the same problem constantly so I've come here to ask you guys for some innovation. Give me some ideas for small programs to make, and as long as they aren't to far fetched I'll try my best to program it. I'll post the finished project so we all something to see. I suggest any other programmers to Gert ideas from this thread once it gets some posts.
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    There's a vBulletin mod I've wanted but so far as I know isn't created yet. I don't know what exactly you mean by "program" though. This is in php mostly. What sort of programming languages do you know?

    I'd also like a more user friendly web ripper/harvester. That is to say, a program designed to grab content from web pages and store it all in an easy to read format. For example, an excel spreadsheet. Then again, there probably are programs like that already out there. Most of them haven't been as user friendly as I'd like and/or are too pricy.

    So, I suppose it is more along the lines of modifying programs that are already. Most of the important programs are already made, so it is more a matter of finding modifications to them, or making free programs to do what paid programs already do.
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    I know PHP, SQL, C++, and some others. I'll try to make this mod for you.

    As for the ripper/harvester for putting data into spreadsheets, I've made a similar program before but I don't know which computer it's on. I'll get back to you on that one.
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    On a completely unrelated topic, is it hard to convert from C#/Java to C++?

    I've been wanting to get into game development for a while I heard C++ is the way to go.

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