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    Until the time of evening study hall, Zhao fruit to the library, looked around to find an empty seat, a saw Da Lala sitting in the middle of Zhao Lei, Zhao Lei looked up and saw her quietly to the side next to the book collection the collection, a position vacated. Zhao, fruit hesitated a moment, or sat down beside Zhao Lei.As a result two to go, they keep aloof the affair, and finally the eve of graduation finally pickednfl jerseys china understand her relationship with Zhao Lei, Zhao fruit still in a dream like trance general.A dream worth mentioning, wake up worth mentioning, Zhao fruit finally graduate, and successfully found a job, we can immediately go to work to earn money, and far away in the home of the parents now do not know how happy they do not know brothers and sisters to sisters in education in line. Zhao Lei, this is a good unit to take her to the new work, the results of a telephone call from his home, he did not explain anything in a hurry back home. Zhao, fruit though do not know what happened, but know that there is no telephone at home Zhao Lei, a bear climbed over a mountain is usually something to his aunt's house call. Zhao Lei, hurried away this time, there must be a big deal. Zhao, fruit slightly heart a little disappointed, Zhao Lei, or did not really see her as one of us, something happens to a person or their carry.So much deliberation, the night tossing and turning, to the early morning before his eyes slightly closed, did not expect to wake up already approaching 11 points. Yesterday, she called wholesale authentic jerseyso think of the sea filled school, the principal made an appointment with her 11-point sent a car to pick her up, she quickly got up quickly to the water wash of a house, and she heard the phone ring a dorm room, told her to go.The end of June the weather was terribly hot, especially around noon, just scorching heat. Indus roadside tree cicada also seems to like heat stroke, there is no cry cry cried. Zhao, fruit and vegetable stand in the hallway downstairs, looked around to find the president said on the phone to pick her car. Chapter everyone 有两把刷子Zhao, fruit stand downstairs looked for a moment I did not see any car, and my heart exceedingly anxious, are coming and going around the luggage of people are not even half the idlers, but also angry and disappointed, is preparing to go upstairs, he heard far someone called her name, she turned to look, like a forty years old, the body extra baggage, the leading middle-aged bald people who look like calling her, she hesitated a moment before stood. She did not know this person, she is limited to several schools filled the sea, are directly into the Zhoujiao cheap nfl jerseysZhang office's dealings with Zhou Xiaozhang play, people around is what it is like, she had never noticed carefully.The leadership quickly went to Zhao who look like fruit in front, with a slight tone of blame, said: "Zhao, I told you a long time, do not promise how soon do you?"Zhao, fruit This hindsight, I realize I had from that moment on is called "teacher", and she was a little embarrassed and said: "I'm sorry, I do not know you called me, so ..."Middle-aged man waved cheerfully said: "Never mind, from now on we are colleagues, My name is on, you called me on the principal it! Your luggage it? Get out of your valuables have won Come on, the car stopped at the there - "in the president said as he pointed his finger along the Chao fruit looked in the direction, a maximum of five into a new white van parked outside the building in the quarters, the main road, the car wide open, a few students look what people are fill it up. Zhao, fruit could not help but mouth open, do not go more than filled the sea she a person?To see the principal about her concerns, Oh explains with a smile, said: "We filled the sea talented ah, last year to recruit new graduates to 10, four strokes this year, plus a few years ago from Shaanxi and wholesale designer handbags northeastern move one of those students, we filled the sea has long been a world for young people strategy! However, Zhao, you may rest assured, people place more of your most important - you're our first recruit Sheng Hai English undergraduate ah ... "Zhao behind the teacher, then there is no fruit to advance, and she's all ears are buzzing on the president's words, "you're our first move filled the sea of ​​undergraduate English majors ah," she thought, my God, containing such a big sea, and even English-speaking undergraduate students are not, then there are these people ah? Her scalp tingling, my heart some faint regret, Zhao Lei, then also words in the ears, so soon she will start back up.Zhao, fruit preoccupied the ground floor, put things down and move eleven, as they sleepwalk in principal to move things on a small white van, in a bottom on the President got into the passenger seat, and call on the train Zhao fruit.

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