Super Smash Bros How to play: a series of guides for SSBB players

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    I'm nooboftheworld, and I'm making guides to help you with SSBB.

    basic info
    ftilt - foward tilt
    utilt - up tilt
    dtilt - down tilt
    fair - forward air
    bair - back air
    dair - down air
    upair - up air
    nair - neutral air
    fsmash - foward smash
    dsmash - down smash
    usmash - up smash
    dthrow - down throw
    fthrow - forward throw
    bthrow - back throw
    uthrow - up throw

    Other terms:

    Styles of play:
    Offensive - Approuching often, killing through opponents defense or offensive
    Defense - Sit back and camp, punish all mistakes your opponent makes.
    Mix between the two

    Certian format:
    Name of character:
    Bits of info about character:
    Characters moves:
    Advanced Techinques:
    Personal likes/dislikes:

    Currently working on: Olimar
    Next to come: Ike


    Bits of info: Comes for the game pikmin and pikmin 2. In Pikmin 1, He was lost on an unknown planet where he discovered a race there which he called "pikmin". It included yellow, red, and blue pikmin. In Pikmin 2, He has to help get his company out of debt. It brought purple and white pikmin.

    • Huge grab range
    • Sets up nicely out of a grab
    • Up smash cuts through mostly anything
    • Can chaingrab
    • Has ok camping abilities.
    • Horrible recovery
    • Horrible without Pikmin
    • No that much range in his attacks

    Characters moves:
    B - - Pluck pikmin. Useage: use when you don't have six pikmin.
    Forward-B - throws Pikmin that will attach to your opponent and cause damage. Useage: When camping and want to block projectile spam.
    Down-B - Whistle, causes pikmin to be sort by type. This has super armor. Useage: When you want.
    Up-B - Pikmin Rope. A recovery that goes straight for the ledge if no one is on the ledge. Useage: For recovery or for an attack to juggle opponent.
    neutral A - A headbutt that can get your opponent away from you. Useage: use rarely or not at all.
    ftilt - Throws body feet first, used like neutral A. Useage: use rarely or not at all.
    utilt - Spins body upward, multiple hit boxes. Useage: use rarely or not at all.
    dtilt - Slides across floor, little knockback. Useage: use rarely or not at all.
    nair - Spins body while in the air, very close to utilt. Useage: use rarely or not at all.
    uair - Pikmin spins a little bit above olimar, has multiple hitboxes. Useage: Use randomly to end combos or to rack up extra damage.
    fair - Swings Pikmin infront of olimar. Has good knockback. Useage: Use randomly to knock opponent around, can kill with this attack. use in off stage game as well.
    dair - Swings Pikmin downward, Can spike. Useage: When opponent is below you in the air or to spike in off stage game.
    fsmash - Throws pikmin infront of olimar. Has great range. Useage: Use when you know it will hit, does good damage and knockback.
    usmash - Throws pikmin upward, one of olimars best kill moves. Useage: use randomly, this attack is one of olimars best suprise attacks.
    dsmash - throws two pikmin to both sides of olimar, great kill move and can punish well. Useage: Use right out of a spot dodge, or to try to get opponent away.
    Grab Attack(grab then hit A) - % - pikmin hit opponennt for little damage.
    dthrow - Slams for down, get for setting up a combo.
    uthrow - Moves up first, then slams down, can kill if opponent is at high percentage with blue or purple pikmin.
    bthrow - Throws opponent behind olimar, can kill if opponent is at high percentage with blue and sometime purple pikmin.
    fthrow - Throws opponent forward. Good to get opponent away from you to pluck pikmin.

    Note: grabs, smashings, up-B, Foward-B, and all the arieals attacks except nair need pikmin to use. damage varies from different pikmin

    Combos: (These are combos I know and have worked.)
    dthrow to fair
    dtilt to utilt
    dthrow to running usmash
    dthrow to fair to dsmash
    dthrow to fair to fsmash

    Defensive Olimar - Sit back with olimar and chuck pikmin til opponent comes near. You then punish every attack your opponent makes by grabbing or smashing.

    Offensive Olimar- Chuck pikmin and then approach by grabbing, fairing, bairing, or usmash.

    The mix - play Defensive Olimar til they get to high percentage then do Offensive Olimar to KO your opponent.

    Nolimar - Use no pikmin.

    The spam - spams chucking pikmin and fsmash.

    Advanced Techniques:
    Pikmin pluck - after you pluck pikmin with B, you can do an attack or smash right after you pluck pikmin.

    Up-B cancel - Short hop then up-B to have olimar do his attack and when he hits the ground there will be no lag.

    Personal likes/dislikes
    • Grab range is huge and I like to abuse it when shield grabbing.
    • Fun character to mess around with.
    • Smashs are awesome.
    • white pikmin are the worst pikmin for me to get.
    • Recovery
    • lack of good tilts.

    My olimar vids

    Olimar combo vid(by Andyg, used to be number on gamebattles.)

    How to play: Olimar vid
    Coming soon this Saturday!!!
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    Nice! This is a really good idea noob.
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    You should do that with other characters too! Very nice.
  4. Yukinari

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    Considering i loved Pikmin 2 and Olimar himself, i think this was a good start.
  5. ishmaelman4466

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    Like the Ice Climbers, when Popo without Nana to activate the UpB. Olimar is quite useless without pikmin...
  6. Nack

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    I could do some for other characters; requests?
  7. nooboftheworld

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    But would you put the effort to do them? ahh, I'm going to do Ike this thanksgiving break.
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    Iunno, this Olimar guide is pretty effortless strategy wise.

    It's pretty general and already assumes the player is expirenced.
  9. Yukinari

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    Good then i guess sonic wont be needing a guide.

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