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    In a continuation of the popular Halo first person shooter games, Halo Reach will be releasing for the Xbox 360 September 14th. While this is the latest game to release in the Halo franchise, the game's events take place chronologically before the original Halo: Combat evolved.

    As you'd expect from a Halo game, this game has you wage war against the alien forces invading Earth known as the Covenant.

    The game starts with a noble team (A small team composed of "supersoldiers"). You control an unnamed soldier known as "Noble 6".

    Some of the differences in gameplay from include:

    Experience and rank have been replaced with a credits system, where players are given credit based on how well they do, instead of simply their wins and losses. The more credits players collect, the higher their rank. They can also use credits to buy armor that allows them to customize their character.

    Reusable/longer lasting armor effects, instead of the temporary/one use powerups. These armor effects can be selected upon re-spawning, and can be used until they're replaced.

    New game types in multiplayer have been added. These include:

    Headhunter: Players drop their skull after dying, which can be picked up by other players. If a player is killed after picking up skulls, all their skulls will be dropped. These skulls can be deposited in special zones for points.

    Stockpile:Players collect neutral flags. for every minute the hold the flag at capture locations, they get points.

    Generator Defense: Pits three super soldiers against three Covenant soldiers known as "Elites". The Elites win by destroying three generators, and the super soldiers win by defending them.

    Invasion: A six vs. six mode which pits six Super soldiers against six Elites. Invasion has two sub modes.

    Invasion Mode 1:The elites win by disabling a shield guarding a navigation core, and carrying the core back to the dropship. The super soldiers win by preventing this from happening.

    Invasion Mode 2:The team that kills the most players on the opponent's team in the allotted amount of time wins.

    New third person assassination animations will take place when holding the melee button while within the right position to kill.

    Weapons will no longer be "dual wielding" like they were in Halo 3. To make up for this, the weapons that were dual wielding will be much more powerful.

    You will have more options in customizing your armor (These are purely for appearance, and do not effect the gameplay). Also, your customized armor will now show on campaign mode . Previously it only showed in multi player mode.

    You'll be able to fight more enemies on the screen at once. Forty at a time, as opposed to Halo 3's twenty.

    The graphics, animations, and sound in general have been improved. For example, running, walking, jumping, and facial expressions will appear more natural and realistic. The lighting and atmosphere appears larger, and more detailed. Human weapons sound more powerful, and release smoke and sparks. Explosions cause debris and dirt to be thrown around etc.

    As an interesting note, some digital copies of Halo Reach were released for people to review. To a normal person, they appear at a staggering 99,999 Microsoft points (More than $1,000), making it impractical to buy. Though these reviewers would have codes to unlock Halo Reach, to play for review. The code (Source code, meaning the file containing the game's information aka "ROM") for Halo Reach was leaked, giving some illegitimate users early access to the game.

    Microsoft has said they are investigating it, and playing Halo Reach online without authorization will likely result in your console being banned.
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Discussion in 'Articles' started by Sykikal, Sep 3, 2010.

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