Guaranteed way to quickly lose weight.

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  1. Sykikal

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    So, there are a lot of crazes about losing weight now a days, but so few of them work unless you're willing to make a lot of sacrifices. Even if you do, the weight just comes back if you stop. So, you might be asking yourself, "How can I lose weight without doing a lot of effort and keep it off? Is that possible?" Well, now it is! In fact, you can lose weight in only a day. A weight loss miracle like this isn't cheap though...

    Here's how it works. Unlike mass, weight is just the effect the Earth's gravity has on you.

    Mass is your total matter, and it stays the same regardless of where you are in the universe.

    Weight however, changes depending on your gravity. So the solution is in order to lose serious weight, all you have to do is blast yourself into space, or go to another object (such as the moon) with less gravity.

    So it is very simple, go to the moon, lose weight.
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  2. CROWley

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    That Is The Most Ingenious Way To Lose Weight Ive Ever Heard!! Too Badf i dont care too much about losing weight because i'm not fat. people never seem to realise. " I Lost 75 Pounds!" Yea Fatty, You Still Look the Same!!!!:lol:" you can see why i dont have any friends hahahaha.
  3. Tasha

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    I'm recommending this idea to all my friends. Brilliant work there.
  4. Courage

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    Wow! What a briliant idea! As you see.. When you go to the moon 1/6 of your original weight at the moment will be your weight on the moon so yeah it's so easy to loose weight if you're rich!
  5. Xat

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    i goto the gym and eat fruit im 95 pounds. :@ pounds
  6. Reggie

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    If you wish to gain weight, the best way to do this is by being a long-time smoker, and then after a few years, quit smoking, and you will gain weight. One disadvantage of this is that all the weight you gained from quit smoking, you will lose them all. If you're not happy with it, repeat this step. Smoke for another 2 years and then quit.

    If you are concerned about your health and already know that smoking can kill you, it is best not to use this type of weight gain method.

    Another method is to do some research about space. Find some information about which object or planet on space that has more gravity. If you happen to find research about which object or planet on space has more gravity, go to that object or planet, and then you will gain weigth. It's basicallly the opposite of Phsycical's guide. :?:
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  7. Hilly

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    Raw Cake Batter. Eat it twice a day, and you'll blow up like a balloon. :]
  8. Paul

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    I tried this. Didn't work out as planned.
  9. Outerspace

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    The easiest way to loose wait is taking a dump. Most people can loose up to 5 pounds a day using this method.

    The quickest way, however, involves a syringe.
  10. Paul

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    This shows no significance at all. I do not plan on doing any of this.
  11. Air

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    Deagger that sounds painful...
  12. MissKiara

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    Oh this is a great idea. I don't want lose weight, I'm as skinny as a stick, but I shall recommend this to my desperate overweight friends. :Y

    This is a very smart idea by the way ahahah.

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