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  1. Shadow

    Shadow ಠ_ಠ

    I keep getting invited to arm wrestling matches, I keep winning and then they kill me when we spawn back :d:

    How the hell can I save up money when fucking rims cost like $7000
  2. CROWley

    CROWley Inactive

    I don't even think it's cause you're winning. There are :dukecurse3:s who camp special mission spots to kill people as they spawn in and people who just murder you when you spawn in regardless *cough*

    A Titan of a Job
    Diamonds are for Trevor
    Turbine Carbine

    Wow, the other jobs I did no escape me.

    Rooftop Rumble was mostly botched but still pays a little. I think one was called Extradition. There was one with Monet in the title.

    Just join missions and do jobs alone or with other people. Let them do all the work and maybe do some racers. It doesn't take long to make money.

  3. Sykikal

    Sykikal Administrator Staff Member

    If you want the most amount of money in the least amount of time, heists are the best way to go, but of course they're also the hardest. The first player heist with two people is the easiest to complete (although it pays out the least), especially if bad internet connection or getting reliable players is a problem.

    The next best way is probably selling cars but you can only sell one car every 30 minutes or so, maybe every hour, not sure of the exact time limit. Some cars sell for around 9k but I don't have a great eye for spotting them.

    After that, missions are the best way to get money in GTA 5. Unless it's different than on the consoles for some reason, mission payout is based on the time it takes you to complete the mission. That is to say the longer it takes you to complete, the more you get paid.

    Time % of base payout
    1 min or less 10%
    1min - 2min 25%
    2min - 3min 50%
    3min - 4min 75%
    4min - 6min 100%
    6min - 8min 120%
    8min - 10min 140%
    10min - 12min 160%
    12min - 15min 180%
    15min or more 200%
    Basically, you want to wait at least 4 minutes, and maybe up to 6 minutes if you're close to get the best payout for any mission you do. I generally play missions with a stopwatch to see how close I am to the next payout threshold. You also get bonus pay for having extra players along (which can be difficult with your connection I know). Some missions also payout more than others, but the difference isn't as significant as it was before. The time has a lot more to do with the payout than the mission you choose.

    If you want the best minute/work ratio, completing missions like Trash Talk, Extradition, Mixed Up With Coke etc. within 6 minutes or so is probably the best way to go. The Los Santos connection while not quite as efficient, is pretty fun to play and has some extra cash crates during the part of the mission with the warehouse where you're supposed to blow up the cars. Having the Buzzard or Savage attack helicopters can really help.

    If you want the easiest/least effort amount of money and don't mind waiting a bit, you can pick an easy mission like Death Metal or Violent Duct, actually complete the mission in a few minutes, and then wait around for the 12 or 15 minute mark to pass to get the full payout.
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  4. CROWley

    CROWley Inactive

    These are some of the highest paying cars. Basically Jeeps and Escaledes/SUV's from my experiences. I always thought the time was between 45 mins to an hour.

  5. Shadow

    Shadow ಠ_ಠ

    Both a problem for me

    It's about every 48 minutes or every in game day basically.

    I've looked up the top selling cars (9k) and learn which areas they spawn in and what they look like so I tend to do that.

    I noticed that, I was playing the Steal a Titan mission solo on hard, kept replying it because I kept dying to the NPC's but I got more money the longer it took me. I wonder why you get more money for taking longer, in most games being quick pays more.

    I look for missions I can do solo, tried a heist with someone who was actually on my friends list, soon as I got in the lobby, him and his friend both came on the mic with indian accents "Hello friend" I'm like shit :facepalm:

    Heist was a bust since everyone was teleporting everywhere for me and the enemies are hard to kill in this game until you get better weapons

    Those actually only pay out like 3800 I think. These are what you want

    The hardest part is finding out which area the cars spawn in, they don't spawn everywhere.


    The area around there should have Ballers and then you can sell them at the shop close by.
  6. CROWley

    CROWley Inactive

    I'm not really worried about cash. I can make mass quantities while doing missions which I also do to level up and buy ammo anyway. The games missions used to be really broken. You'd do Rooftop Rumble and get 18,500$ and 4,000 RP I think. People would just play it over and over to level. They fixed it after a double XP weekend. I went from LV 50 -70 in a couple days.
  7. Sykikal

    Sykikal Administrator Staff Member

    While I'm not 100% sure of Rockstar's rational, prior to this update, I was just finding the highest paying mission (which was Rooftop Rumble at the time) and completing it as quickly as possible to get the highest payout possible. They probably don't want to make it too easy to get a high payout or to generate a lot of money quickly because it affects their shark card business. I guess the theory is that if they make it so that you have to wait in order to get the full payout it'll make it harder to spam the mission or make it so in theory, the people who work hardest at the mission get the highest payout (but nothing stops people from just waiting for the time to expire).
  8. CROWley

    CROWley Inactive

    In my video here, I was clearly defending myself. I'd also like to point out, each and every one of them broke commandment #3.

    This video is in memory of the people who died for my amusement *cough* I mean.... for breaking a commandment. Please listen to Taps while watching this.

    Drove across some train tracks like you do in the intro. My car got jacked.

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  9. Sykikal

    Sykikal Administrator Staff Member

    I am kind of late, but about a week or two ago they had double pay for Pacific Standard job. On top of that you couldn't lose money for being shot, which made it even easier to get a lot of cash. I have millions now but I don't know what to spend it on. Maybe I should just save it in case they release something I want later on. I got the new fastest car, the T20, was expensive but I think it was worth it, especially considering how much easier it is to get GTA dollars with the heists.


    We also got some glitch where we got a car into the bank. I don't know how we did this, just happened. I kept trying to replicate it to no avail, it'd be cool to somehow get the armored Karuma into the bank so that way we could just drive over to the bikes instead of walking over (which we'd then immediately ditch to get back in the Karuma) but I guess the mission is easy enough as is.

    I wish they'd release like a tougher heist or mission that allowed Pegasus vehicles. I feel like we have all these awesome helicopters and vehicles now but we can only use them in challenges which is kind of overkill and makes them super easy. I am tempted to buy the submarine or golden swift even though I'd probably almost never use them.

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