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    General discussion for anything GTA related, post videos, pictures, playthroughs, anything you want.
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    Heist tips and tricks:


    -Make and save an outfit which includes the heavy armor vest, make sure it’s not the stealth one with the pockets. To do this equip the armor, go to outfits, press square (or whatever the bottom right prompt tells you to press to customize saved outfits), the outfit will disable sprint but will decrease all damage by half and pretty much make you a tank. Also remember to put a mask with the outfit since changing masks mid-heist will sometimes de-equip the heavy vest.

    -When hosting a heist make sure to set outfits to allow player saved outfits, this allows players to use vests on heists where otherwise you could not (outfit selection varies with each heist and few actually include the heavy combat gear).

    -Stock up on snacks, a few colas will bring your health back to 100% and if you’re stuck to cover you don’t have to watch the eating animation and the health benefit is instantaneous.

    -Armor helps but isn’t mandatory, honestly except for the final heist or extra hard setups I don’t even bother, then again health goes up with level until 100 so if you’re a lower level they matter more.

    -I normally don’t bother with the armored Kuruma, but if you’re having trouble they offer a nearly invincible shield and can make certain outdoor missions a breeze.

    Fleeca Job:

    -Not many tricks to this one, heavy armor helps with stealing the Kuruma, and don’t bother with going to the South side of the parking garage since you get better cover from the North and everyone goes down pretty fast.

    -Even though Lester gives you shit about damaging the Kuruma at most it only takes off about a thousand dollars from the non-host player’s cut (it’s 5.5k at most).

    -Don’t bother with heavy armor in the final heist, you never should be fighting just running so a slower speed is actually detrimental.

    -Keep the drill speed at the max and be careful on how hard you press the left stick, as you get further in you’ll need to press it further down but just slightly (not sure how this is done on PC)

    -Can’t help with the snake game, just focus and don’t rush.

    Bolingbroke Prison raid

    -Bus: The best ambush point is a little past the interstate bridge, it’s easier to get out and aim then to stay in the car (although the car isn’t too hard either). Make sure you take out the chopper and drive the bus to the small mountains between the airfield and the interstate. The large mountains to the East of the interstate also work but are much steeper and further from the final drop point.

    -Station: If you’re on the station team dial 911 (it works) and call for the police, shoot at them when they get near and take them out when they leave the car (or inside the car if you’re a good shot). Drive to the nearest subway tunnel and wait for the cops to go away, easy easy.

    -station: If you’re getting the Lampadati drive to the second crane over the ship, climb up the ladder to get directly over the ship (there’s a parachute up there but just one), take out the two guards in front of the crate for the Casco, and the guard standing to the right of it. Use a silence sniper rifle and you can do it without alerting the other guards. Do a quick parachute to the top of the crates (or cargo containers?) but do not immediately jump to the next, you need to have enough build up speed to make it across otherwise you’ll fall down and be in a world of hurt. When you get to the container shoot off the lock and your partner will instantly be teleported next to you and you can drive away. Another helpful tip is to not shoot when you’re the passenger unless you’re stuck, if you get the cops on you it’s much harder to escape. Also when you start put a quick waypoint on your destination since if you get a wanted level the yellow line will go away.

    -Wet Work: Popov, Go around the far side of the house (from where you start after the cutscene), I’ve found that to be the easiest approach. Also if you alert the guards just block the driveway with a car and take out Popov when he runs (he’s driving the van).

    -Prison Break: Prison officer/Prisoner, Kill the guards immediately after you leave the bus, switch to an unsilenced rifle if you want (I always stick with advanced rifle and combat MG), prisoner should pick up weapons as you move along but ultimately stay out of harm’s way. Rashkovsky will get stuck at the last part and you’ll have to go back and retrieve him, once you’re in the swat van drive to the airport. Once the plane has landed DO NOT FIRE ON THE POLICE, just run to the hopefully open door on the left side of the plane, watch out for your character running into the propellers, it’s sometimes easier to just manually jump on the wing and enter that way.

    -Prison Break: Pilot, You don’t have to fly out immediately, the entire flight just takes under a minute and a half to get from the airport to the prison so it’s better to just wait till you have 3 minutes left on the clock and then start flying (jets only get scrambled after you trip the arrive trigger). If you started a little too early you can still fly around just behind the Vinewood sign, it’s about a 40 second flight from there to the destination so you can gauge your time a little better from there. Once you do enter Sandy Shores airspace jets will be scrambled after about 20 seconds, all you have to do is fly behind them and try to match their speed (it stays close to your cruising/not accelerating speed most of the time with slight accelerations and decelerations). You can now fly anywhere so don’t worry about flying outside Sandy Shores (well don’t fly so far out to sea you get killed though). Do not fly over the prison, they will fire homing missiles at you and you’ll die, just stay clear of its airspace at all times. If you do need to turn back to stay close to the airstrip just try to make a quick turn and go back behind the jet since you’re at risk if it can target you. Once the ground team makes it out land on the airstrip and make sure you have space to take off, it gets pretty crazy when you pick up the ground team so just gun it asap and try to use the demo chopper to get off the first few tails and then fly towards the ocean and then South, keep the map large and dodge oncoming choppers, also make sure the landing gear is up.

    -Prison Break: Demo, You don’t need to shoot down the jets, in fact it’s easier if you don’t, what you can do however is hover just outside of the Bolingbroke prison airspace and fire missiles to help the ground team, sometimes there are no guards, and sometimes they spawn out of thin air, it takes some skill and knowledge to know where the ground team is and where the guards will spawn, and at all times you’ll need to make sure you don’t get close enough to have a missile fired at you.

    -Prison Break: jumping, when parachuting make sure to use the airbreaks, r1 and l1 together (or bumpers/whatever PC buttons) will slow you down and helps avoid you getting killed at the very end of the heist, if you have issues parachuting just aim for darker water and swim, sure it takes longer but no one will hate you for dying at the very final part and having to go all the way back.

    (I'll post more later)
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    Great advice, especially important for heists where if you die the whole team has to restart. Makes them much easier.
    Didn't know this part, thanks.
    Good to know, I'm pretty bad at the drill section. Maybe I can do better now though.
    Yup, Insurgent works well too. Particularly useful in heists because Pegasus is not available.

    Advice is particularly important for this prison break mission. We've failed this heist so many times because the pilot crashed, but it's doable once everyone knows what they're doing.

    Great post, you should write like a heist guide or something. (in a sense you already did start on it).

    I don't have stuff nearly as useful as your info to post, but I'll just say my general goings on. I'm saving up for the Savage helicopter, and as you already knew I already have the Hydra. I'm not really certain what I'll get after that as I already have most of the stuff I'd want. I've been enjoying the Insurgent.

    I feel like there's a lot of stuff I've had to say about GTA 5 in the past but it wouldn't really be all that relevant now. eg. waiting for the online heist, documenting past updates, leveling up to get the gattling gun, etc.
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    What about hackers, have either of you had any runs in with them? I have yet to play online because my internet is back to being spotty but since I co-mod the GTAV_PC subreddit, we have an issue with a lot of people complaining about Rockstar and hackers.
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    Personally I haven't, but I only play in friends only lobbies. Occasionally I'll invite randoms to do heists or missions with us if we're having trouble getting someone else to join. It's just too chaotic for me when I'm trying to relax and I'm getting blown up every few seconds.
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    Yeah, there was this thread posted

    I believe HaxAras kinda ascribes to the same level of "kill everyone I want" mentality.
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    Uhh, I've never been charged for these alleged crimes.

    (Start the video at 1:11:00 for an awesome highlight.)

    Maybe, just maybe, if these people don't wanna die, They should consider making better choices in life. Here's a few to start.
    1. No explosives or flying vehicles in my lobby.
    2. Nobody is allowed to be alive in my lobby.
    3. I'm going to kill you.
    4. I'm going to kill your friends.
    5. I'm going to kill everything that moves.
    6. No crying in my lobby. No backtalk in my lobby.
    7. No killing other people in my lobby.
    8. The penalty for doing anything in my lobby that I suddenly decide isn't allowed, is death.
    9.The penalty for death, is death.
    10. Get the hell out of my lobby bitch!
    Nevermind. Let's call them the 10 commandments. If you follow them, I may not kill you for a while. I'll kill somebody else.
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    I've never seen hackers on the PS4, did see the after effects of hackers (IE huge alien eggs) on the PS3 though.
    I've heard it's quite bad on the PC and PS3/360 now so the PS4 and Xbox1 are pretty much the only safe spots.
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    I had the giant Alien ships at one point. I'll look for the video and edit it in if there aren't any replies. I found a few other things as well.

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    New update coming:

    Due to a surge in high-end crime across southern San Andreas, demand for luxury goods and services is at an all-time high. Upscale merchants of all kinds are scrambling to fill their inventories to serve the newly wealthy. The first of two major deliveries this summer will be hitting the showrooms of luxury car dealerships, the shelves of top arms suppliers and other prestigious retailers in June. Here are a few new screenshots featuring some of the new rides and accessories coming to GTA Online next week – and be on the lookout for another big shipment coming this summer.


    I'm kind of interested int he Combat PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) . None of the other stuff really interests me all that much, it seems like it's just gold plated/fancy stuff that we already have, but who knows, maybe the aircrafts/cars are actually faster and we just don't know it yet.

    Shadow, if you don't mind me asking, how are you enjoying GTA 5 so far? Have you played it much yet? Are you mostly doing the story/single player mode or have you gone online yet? How far along are you in terms of online progress or single player progress?

    I've already finished the story back when I had it on PS3 and have no plans of redoing it for PS4. I forget my exact online level but I think it's 130-140ish.
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    I think like 20% so far in the story, I get distracted as fuck in open world games. I haven't gone online yet because of my spotty internet lately so I have no idea how the online mode works or anything other than Story mode.

    If you have GTAV for any next gen platform, I'd advise playing it again, all the DLC is free (comes with the game) and there might be some cars that are not available in the previous gen version. Not to mention the waves and water in the game are by far my favorite thing so far

    Look at this
  12. Sykikal

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    Don't get me wrong, it'd be a different experience, and I'm sure some elements would change it like first person mode, and the graphics would be improved, and the story mode is really good, but it's just that the story itself would mostly be the same, which is the main reason I'd want to play through it. It's just time I'd rather spend playing online mode. Maybe some day I'll go back to the single player story mode.
  13. Shadow

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    You can transfer your save, the graphics are overall better but the story mode won't really give you anything you can't see just roaming around
  14. Sykikal

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    Maybe an obvious question, but how? I thought it was for online character only. Then again I don't really have all that much of an interest in roaming around in single player mode, I might as well do it in online mode.
  15. Shadow

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  16. Sykikal

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    Are you certain this isn't just for online mode? I have my Rockstar account linked and it doesn't show up for my single player mode.

    • Make sure your Rockstar account is linked to your console account. You can find out by logging into your Rockstar Social Club account.
    • Start the game on your PS4, log in to the PlayStation Network, and select GTA Online from the Pause menu.
    • Edit your character the way you want it before you initiate the transfer.
    • If you have a character on both the PS3 and Xbox 360, you must choose one. You cannot transfer both to the same console.
    • Once the transfer is complete, select your character and let the next-level shenanigans continue.
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    It is for online mode
  18. Sykikal

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    Sorry for the miscommunication. I was talking about transferring saves for single player mode. I already know about online mode.
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    I got stuck on the story 8 missions in. The game stopped giving me missions so I went online. If I want to troll the city and cause havoc, it's much easier to do so online. Is it saying you can use the same online character on either console?
  20. Sykikal

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    No, just that you can do a one time transfer. You can transfer your character from PS3/Xbox 360 over to PS4/Xbox One but once you do the transfer you can't use your character on the old console anymore. I heard you can also transfer from PS4/Xbox One over to PC, but again it's just one way (at least from what I can tell, I haven't actually tested it).

    Edit: Pointy corrected me on that part. You can still use your old character.
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