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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Curtis, Jun 16, 2010.

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  1. Curtis

    Curtis Inactive

    Sorry I'm making another one of these already, but I can't be here no longer.

    Reason is because I have a life to attend to. I've been busy. I also don't get along with half the people there, sorry, just isn't working out. Thank you, bye.

    Notice: I have deleted ALL Video-Game-Info members on my MSN, so they can no longer contact me. Thank you for reading.

    This thread is closed to prevent hate comments. If you really want to say goodbye to show that you care, go to my profile. Thank you.

    UPDATE as of 22/6/10: I've been a lot happier since I've quit, been finding new friends on other chats/websites, etc. I honestly think it's the best thing for me to not be here, I've been happier, feeling better, not tempted, etc. I am now with SpellChecker and other old members of VGI who have also quit.

    Thanks to ALL the people who made me quit, mainly like one person named: Ablico. Oh and Seth and Gmoz. Well this will probably be the last update, thanks for all the haters wasting their time reading this thinking they were gonna post a hate comment to get reactions! LMAO!
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  2. Future

    Future Inactive

    I'd have to agree. Ablico is the WORST Owner I have ever seen in my life. Always argues because he "likes" too. Peace, I am out too.

    Ablico just needs to get over himself like Seth and Gmoz who think their top shit.

    phsycical, I do like the way you act and make decisions, but you pick the WORST Staff in the world.. Hell even I'd be better than Ablico. Abusing rules and using it as his defence, quite sad.
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