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Discussion in 'Spell-checker's topic' started by Spell-checker, May 16, 2010.

  1. Spell-checker

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    Well, obviously it is over priced, in my opinion, it should've been 500 xats, 100 because you can activate it on any group so people can use it for FREE, and 400 because of the smileys, I see this being useful in mostly anime groups, but most people like gkaoani power regardless of whether they like anime or not, I think the smileys are cute, you can turn any smiley into a kaoani smiley, which is nice. (But you need the power for this)People who assigned it to groups, the people in the groups are restricted to only the "k" smileys. I like this power, definitely one you should get, regardless of the price. But then again the useful ness comes to mind, about 99% of people like it, it's really up to you, but if you do like it, it's worth getting.

    BOTTOM LINE: Price, usefulness. Always what you should look out for in a smiley power. This is the best smiley power I've seen in a while. That's just my opinion. But anyway, if you don't mind the price, and you'd use it, go get it now.
  2. Reggie

    Reggie Limit Breaker


    Who would want to spend 1000 xats of some smiles when they can just use the regular ones? I do not see why people would waste their money buying one single power that all you can do is send smiles. Xat already has a broad collection of smiles. Then again, it can be useful in most cases, especially if they are tired of the regular smiles.
  3. Spell-checker

    Spell-checker Junior Gamer

    Well, we do have a lot of smilies, but once in a while they make a good smiley power. Let's be happy they did. I mostly like gkaoani because it's a remake of all the regular smileys, it's like a "redesign" if you ask me, I find gkaoani very useful.
  4. Extreme

    Extreme Limit Breaker

    ohhh god,other smile power..1000 xats is a lot.:@
  5. Curtis

    Curtis Inactive

    Lol, rip off.. But everyone gets to use it for free, they don't need powers or anything, so it is worth 1000 xats really.. Especially if you have lots of members.
  6. Reggie

    Reggie Limit Breaker


    I thought that each individual had to buy that power even though it is a group power.
  7. IWplayer491

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    i still have no xats that is why im posting on here to get glow names
  8. Reggie

    Reggie Limit Breaker


    I suppose that that iseems like a good start, is to post to earn xats and subscriber days. Just before that you don't spam the forums...
  9. Lavitz

    Lavitz Inactive Staff Member

    Lol what is the point...I guess people will buy anything xat puts out...

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