GamesMaster, The Beginning Of The End.

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Rukihuerusu, Jan 7, 2017.

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    VGI & Cyberium presents, though six hours late, either way problems aside...

    So here we are, I welcome you the 25th anniversary of GamesMaster, and speaking of anniversaries I have more to cover which I would like to probably fill you in too before I get more into this post; Gaming, yes, 1947 the same time of the cathode ray tubes. Adore today's and past animé culture? This year animé turns 100 bringing every concept of animation of the past and future, 11 years before the world-renowned Walt Disney. Within the same time as GamesMaster begins the new following of the Cyberpunk/Industrial Age (actually it's defined True Dystopia because it's probably how I define my art) those familiar with the architecture and culture brought almost a decade ago. Anyways there are many more to cover for 2017 but that'll do for other posts, moving on to the game show that I grew up with, I think my experiences from watching many episodes on the telly were to look at video games that become more than on how you play, the interest of new games presented, or what games that I own as the GamesMaster gives out many secrets those wanted to win nor something more fun. Perhaps it's what got me into video games very early, and for that I'll present you videos those curious of my childhood (remind you once again, more rare gems to cover this year when I include videos).

    And here I am, the challenges, reconstructed but with three lives starting, I gain one by completing challenges. I gain one (or more depending on the length of the whole game) also from games they reviewed too. Extra credits could be obtained by surpassing their time, or taking a "completionist" route. At cases with no lives means I'll have to wait for a week before retaking the challenge or to skip to the next one. Anyhow results would be posted prior to uploading within a *video on my server. Guess that concludes of what I would be doing for the next six years of re-experience one of my childhood, using available multi-system emulators such as bSNES and Fusion. I'll be creating new posts whenever interesting things happen, or booting results "ROM CHECK FAIL" out of bizarre reasons.

    Update: Errands were made in meatspace (e.g. gardening with parents) so this forum is currently in an absent state, until further updates are soon made.
    Super Mario Bros. 3 (1988, Nintendo Entertainment System)World 1 Level 1, 50 Coins in 2 minutes, one life.Pending...
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    This is without a doubt the biggest/fanciest first post on VGI ever. I guess you really, really like this Gamemaster show.
    Interesting. I didn't know anime had been around that long.

    You plan on sticking with this for 6 years? Some project. Good luck. I bet you're going to kick those kids' butts. Looking forward to seeing how you do.
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    Cool idea! Did you make that art yourself?

    I grew up with this show in Canada, Video & Arcade Top 10

    Little piece of trivia, the show's theme song is a remix of Crash Man's theme from Mega Man II
  4. Rukihuerusu

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    Yeah, came across something on ANN's report of Anime Expo last year then few mentioned next year being 100th, like wait really?! Now I'm curious how long anyone such as myself been experiencing these shows. (mind you Code Geass, etc. soon announcing it's anniversaries too this year)
    Yup, all done with my Adobe applications (though ran into quality problems importing every GIF to GIF, a GIF within another GIF), then creating something little close to a C64/Amiga what brought my idea to fit for this forum's presentation (also examining the behavior of the forum tables that took me days to plan along).
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    Great job. Looks really good.

    Anyway, it's been a few weeks. I was wondering if you'd started on this yet and if not, do you have a general idea when you might?
  6. Rukihuerusu

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    Thank you~

    And yes it's been few weeks thus was supposed to do it soon, then again running into delays such as bedroom decorating/planning within a new home, as the timing of this post redesigning my site's emblem/logo because the roundness felt too short, or me trying out Enderal (unmentioned nominee at TGA 2016 for Best Community-Made Mod for TESV: Skyrim) for perhaps way too long. Also February in a few days, many errands I need to do in that month, and if goes smoothly afterwards then hopefully I'll be starting on this.
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    It's been a while. Any updates?
  8. Rukihuerusu

    Rukihuerusu Junior Gamer

    So far not much, however errands in meatspace is all done, now soon reaching Winter. Only thing as of now is to get everything done with my web design, few scripts are done, but not the graphics. Then again I would really want to get this post running whenever I can, yet I apologize for delays like this. Anyways for more historic treatment while we wait would like to share more of game shows in Britain like these, in a world of contenders (players locally trying reaching the top) against the videators (a group of elite players, perhaps more nor less presentable, similar to Pokémon series' Elite Four):

    Mind you I do dig the industrial-esque intro (you don't see those kinds of sequences on the teley anymore), but question remains with it's eagle graffito to think it took place in America, don't you think?

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