Gallade Or Gardevoir

Discussion in 'Pokémon' started by Nin10dO, Aug 5, 2010.

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    Says he who is trying to prove that the one he choose is better. Nice Mr. Common sense.. re-define that then get back to me.
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    Gardevoir can sweep, and wall pokemon :]
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    Lol, that "hairstyle" is part of his body.

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    Both of them can sweep. Gardevoir's Special Attack and Gallade's attack are the same, and also speed, but Gallade is part fighting, so it has more weaknesses and more resistance all of Gallade's and Gardevoir's stats are the same except for their attack and special attack stats, which are switched.

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    Gallade isn't faster than Gardevoir, they have the same speed base.

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    Yeah true, I don't like using over-used Pokemon.
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    Gallade is better because of his types.
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