Football vs Baseball

Discussion in 'Sports' started by -Raiken-, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. Courage

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    Every body knows that football owns Baseball!
  2. troll

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    Football is awesome! It requires more skill than baseball. In football, you have to know how to run routes precisely, shaking off tackles, running fast and trying to score. The quarterback has to throw to the reciever so they are able to catch the ball, and the reciever has to catch it with 1-However many defenders are around him! The offensive and defensive line have to protect the running back, or keep the quarterback from getting sacked!

    Baseball: You have to know how to hit a ball with a bat, how to run from base to base, and how to catch a round ball. It is so easy. (AND BORING)

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  3. Marley

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    Football all the way! Funner to play, Funner to watch!
  4. Shadow 2

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    Football is not just a sport game,


    I mean look, Qatar has to pay 79 billion dollars for only building streets over 40km and air-cooled stadiums.
  5. Nin10dO

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    Well, football has way more action than baseball.
  6. Nix

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    Well I think Football pwns baseball, because I don't like man running around bases its boring. Football has the action let's see if this guy can catch it with one hand for the winning points and stuff like that. Plus its funner to play.
  7. raeven

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    Baseball haha i homerun :))
  8. Air

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    I love football because it's so intense and its a contact sport, I mean who doesn't love contact sports? Baseball is good on certain occasions but can get boring.

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