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    The supposedly last FNAF game is set to release on Halloween 2015*. Scott Cawthon puts quite a few (easter eggs?) on the photos on his site, and I plan on doing some research on it.

    In April, Scott put this picture on his website.
    This photo appears to be a beaten-up Freddy with the appearance of Springtrap. He also has mini-Freddy's by him. It's a bit hard to tell with this photo, but Freddy may have 5 fingers. Regular Freddy has 4 fingers, though. Springtrap is the only known animatronic to have 5 fingers, which further proves my point of Freddy looking like Springtrap.

    As soon as I saw it, I knew Scott had to be hiding something in it, just like his previous photos. I brightened up the photo, and look what I found!

    Do you see it?

    It says Nightmare. Nightmare Freddy confirmed.
    Some time in May, Scott released another photo onto his site.
    This one appears to be a beaten-up Bonnie, again with the appearance of Springtrap. Something I noticed is that this "Bonnie" has 5 fingers instead of 4. The only other animatronic with 5 fingers is Springtrap, further supporting my theory of it looking like Springtrap.

    Once again, I knew Scott had to be hiding something in this photo. I decided to brighten up the image to see if anything was hidden in the darkness.

    The hidden text here is more subtle.
    It says Nightmare also.
    Nightmare Bonnie confirmed.
    EDIT: According to Pointy, these are normal. Nevermind.
    I also decided to look at the source code of his website.

    Reading it, I noticed it contained what appeared to be Colour Hex codes.
    In order, it appears in:

    #000000 - [​IMG]
    #5C5C5C - [​IMG]
    #1E90FF - [​IMG]
    #CC0000 - [​IMG]
    #1E90FF - [​IMG]
    #EE82EE - [​IMG]
    So today (16/5/15), my brother checked Scott's website, and found the new photo!
    Messed up Chica, resembling Springtrap, just like the others. There's also a cupcake from the previous games on/behind Chica's right shoulder.

    Once again, I knew the sneaky Scott had to be hiding something. I brightened up the photo.
    I noticed that the cupcake had teeth also.

    Do you see the message? It's about as subtle as the Bonnie photo's message. Might be a bit harder though since the letters are overlapping.
    It says Nightmare. Nightmare Chica confirmed.
    Note, I only guessed what the outline of the "A" was. I couldn't see it at all, but I think it's alright to assume it says Nightmare.
    Got on VGI around lunch today, and Miles told me that the new picture was up!
    Secksy Foxy. New and improved teeth, new and improved tongue, and withered nose.
    There's obviously something hidden in the photo amirite
    It's different! It says "OUT OF ORDER"!
    It also says this on the sign at Pirate Cove (Foxy's location in the first game), possibly hinting that this'll be taking place at the same location as FNAF1 (purely speculation)
    Today, I went to Scott's website, and new picture!
    [​IMG] To the right of the visible part, you can see a faint image of what appears to be the new pair of teeth the animatronics have.

    Brightened up the photo like usual.
    [​IMG] Secret message at the bottom right.
    "PROPERTY OF FR... ...ER"
    What could the censored word(s) say?
    Freddy Fazbear? Too short.
    Freddy Fazbear's Diner?
    This photo. [​IMG] Black animatronic with a purple bowtie, and teeth on its stomach. Possibly Shadow Freddy, Shadow Bonnie, or Nightmare Balloon Boy.
    Brightened up image
    [​IMG] Some text in the background, sort of covered. Appears to be "Or was it me".
    Inbetween the teeth on its stomach, you can see some text also. "pro..." No clue what that is.
    [​IMG] It's a tiny Springtrap sitting in a chair. Text that says "Terrible things come in small packages" is on top of this, probably referring to Springtrap's size. Also, there's a window at the top, the first time we get to see the outside world in this series!
    (Edit: We actually do get to see the outside world, not in the main game, but in the minigames, more specifically Mangle's minigame. My bad.)

    Brightening up the image, we get this. [​IMG] Are those doors at the sides of Springtrap? He appears to be in some hallway. Considering the window, this looks like a household. Maybe this takes place after FNAF3, and the owner of this house got these toys in the auction after the fire. Dang!

    To the right of Springtrap, there's some purple patch in the picture. No idea what it is.
    Scott is releasing everything earlier than usual, like always. The trailer was announced for next week, and we get it TODAY.

    This basically confirms that this takes place after the auction, and takes place at the house of the auction buyer. Also, this confirms that this takes place after the bad ending of FNAF3, since the souls would have been appeased if you got the good ending.

    Personally I think the atmosphere of this is the most creepy of all the games. It takes place in your own house, an area you probably feel most safe, and gives you a reason to fear it.
    Will update with more when info is found.
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  2. Shadow

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    I've heard that the 8's in the source may be something aswell
  3. Pineapplease

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    The source code is just the source for setting up the webpage... the colors are for the different colors of links. I love you guys xD
  4. Marly

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    I like how the design of the animatronics went from something that is scary by subtlety to something that is just over-the-top edgy "scary". Literally something you'd see described from a badly written creepypasta with the "hyper-realistic blood" and what not.

    At least the guy knows his audience- The 10 year olds.
  5. Shiny Ablico

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    I am interested to see the primus of this game.
  6. Shadow

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    Now I remember, the source had 8 and 7 in it, the bite of 87 is a pretty important. Though I don't personally believe that fnaf 4 is about the bite of 87. Game theory thinks it is but I think this is a better explanation
  7. vengvong

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    My current theory is:
    The "kid in the minigame" and the "kid you play as in the actual game" are two different kids. The events of the minigames happen, the Bite of '87 happens, and the kid is about to die.

    At the end of Night 6, you have that minigame where he's with his toys, and he's crying. There are 3 different colours for the text, and each of the colours represent a different person talking.

    The dark gray represents his brother, apologizing to him as he's about to die.
    The yellow represents (what is presumably) Fredbear Plushie.
    The paler yellow represents The Puppet.

    The puppet "put him back together" in the form of Plushies.

    After the events of FNAF3, the remaining items get auctioned and the plushies ends up in the possession of another kid, who begins to have nightmares because of the haunted Plushies. This is the kid you play as in FNAF4.
  8. vengvong

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    Another theory I have, I like my first theory a ton more, but this makes sense.
    Mainly the same as my first theory, except the FNAF4 minigame kid gets reincarnated as Mangle. The Mangle pieces in his house, ''I will put you back together'', and on Scott's post ''What's in the box? It's the pieces put together. (not the exact quote but something like that)''. And his older brother gets reincarnated as foxy, which would still make him his older animatronic brother
  9. Fenrir

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    i like the theory that he is the puppet. i mean what does he come out of ? a box!
  10. vengvong

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    I'd have an easier time believing this if it weren't for the ''Give cake'' minigame. A kid gets murdered, and all of a sudden, the Puppet jumpscares you? The animatronic wasn't seen anywhere there, so why would he have been there?

    BTW Gametheory is getting a ton of shit on this because of his most recent FNAF video
  11. Fenrir

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    oh i know and i see why though. this video came out of nowhere and probably wasn't his best video
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