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    Behold! The first Final Fantasy game for the Nintendo 3DS, but it's not what you're used to. In this new iteration of Final Fantasy, it plays more like a MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) than it does a single play RPG epic. Don't get me wrong, you'll still find your chocobos and classic beasts of a FF title, such as Shiva and Behamut, but also more of the collect X of X questing you'd see in a popular MMO.

    You're an explorer, and when you first open your eyes you're going toe-to-toe with a massive monster. It was a strange situation as a gamer, finding my weird little avatar on the screen, moving around like a blind person in the middle of a marching band, trying to quickly learn the controls.

    Creating a character to start off is pretty much what you'd expect. You have you gender option, select 1 of 10 blizzard hair styles, and 1 of 4 basic anime faces, adjusting color accordingly. There's also different voice tones, which is honestly the most important feature of this, as you never see faces or hair, but your character grunts like Link in any Zelda title.

    The plot of the game is that there are Eidolons (main boss monsters of the game) that have an immortal lifespan, but with every defeat, gets you closer to getting the rarest crystals, and they spawn again after the quest. You're not a chosen hero, you're one of many everyday adventurers that do these tasks that seems like a normal thing to do.

    Another feature of the game is being able to get monsters fight for you. When you defeat a monster, they have a chance of dropping their Crystal, which you can restore at the local Monster Den. Doing so, you'll be able to take up to 3 with you on your solo quests. The AI of your allies are basic. There's no real commands. They attack what you attack, or whatever monster is trying to kill you. Each monster species has different skills/abilities and attributes. Some are tanky, others are glass cannons. Some heal, and some know stronger magic than you could ever learn yourself.

    FF:Explorers uses the infamous Job system from Final Fantasy 5 or Final Fantasy Tactics. You start off as a freelancer, and after finishing the tutorial, you unlock Knight, White Mage, Black Mage, Ranger, and Monk, to use. Completing certain quests, you unlock up to a total of 20 classes to use. Each class has abilities you can learn and use, depending on your level. Using these abilities in combat, while being buffed by any affinity (Crystal Surges) will unlock evolved custom skills that you can learn permanently.

    All in all, I enjoy playing the game. Frame rate is consistent, despite having no 3D, and I have fun going on quests. It does get repetitive, but you can also go online and play with up to a party of 4, for an easier, and more fulfilling experience.

    Recommendation: For people who want a portable MMO-like experience. Fans of Final Fantasy and Monster Hunter would be comfortable here. I'd wait for the price to go down to $30 but seeing as it's a FF title, I don't see it happening anytime soon.

    Overall: 7
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    Theatrhythm doesn't count?!

    Is it anything like Xenoblade?

    Infamous?! A lot of people think that is the best job system in the series.

    I like the sound of this.
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    1.) the combat is kinda like Xenoblade. You have up to 8 skills at any time, assigned to L+A,B,X,Y and R+A,B,X,Y. You can also use magic from a different job, however it's more expensive. Better abilities usually costs more, and you can only spend so much to assign to take with you. So right now, I'm a Knight rolling with my sword skills with my R buttons, but I also have some healing and white Mage buff skills with my L.

    2.) some so like the job system, others like static classes. For MMOs, the jobs could work. For FFV, it had ALOT going for it with characters, classes, and stuff. It kinda made it into a bad thing.

    3.) abilities get evolved, or "mutated" as the game puts it, is a pretty awesome aspect to the game. I've just started diving deeper into it, and I'm running short on JP to get more customized skills. But I can see this being very important vs bosses down the road.

    And on the Chat, you asked if this game was worth it. I believe it is, but that's because I like Monster Hunter, I like MMOs, I like Xenoblade, and I love Final Fantasy. It's a good purchase for me.

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