Feast group power review

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  1. Spell-checker

    Spell-checker Junior Gamer

    Good side: 29 smilies, most of them are pretty good, and I’m sure thinks like (pretzel) and (icecream) and (thinkfood) will continue to be used even after thanksgiving is over. The price is pretty good too, anime had less smilies compared to this and is 300 xats, this is nice, 29, for the small price of 200. It’s a good deal, if you like the smilies. There are also pawns, a feather pawn, and a turkey pawn. (If you have feast and hat power)

    Bad side: Flix..flix..flix. You need to assign 2 to get the thanksgiving flix, and 4 for turkey, etc. The smilies are for yourself, not the group. This takes the "group" out of the power, in my opinion.

    In conclusion..I say you should buy it for the smilies, if you like them, but it’s obviously unfair on the part of flix. As every other flix related power is.
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  2. troll

    troll Keep up the Streak!

    Yeah I LOVE the smilies. I love kicking people on trade reason: (Spam) It's so funny. The smilies are epic, best smiley power out yet other than scifi and military. The flix are just rediculous, at least these powers with nice smilies and flix are unlimited. Nice nice nice.
  3. WnE

    WnE Inactive

    I dont like feast at all. i think that xat should've just added on the thanksgiving, and called it a day. The smilies are cool in all, but the fact that you have to buy it... And it might become limited, no one knows..... I think its a waste
  4. bunker

    bunker Inactive

    yeah its just a wate of money :raise:
  5. Nin10dO

    Nin10dO Inactive

    They should have added some smilies like they did to Halloween.
  6. mmmdonut

    mmmdonut Inactive

    just to let you know the maker of xat really doesnt care if people dont wanna buy it and people that thinks it should have been added on to thanksgiving all long its its another power people will want it and to get it you need xats and to get xats you need money so as long as hes rich getting paid earning more than even 20$ a hours hes happy
  7. WnE

    WnE Inactive

    Horror should of been added into Halloween IMO:raise:
  8. Spell-checker

    Spell-checker Junior Gamer

    They will never add smilies like that to another power, reason being is that they need people to buy a new power, if most people already have that power, they would just get the smilies free, therefore, making a new power = more profits. And that's what xat is into. Making profits.

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