Fantasy power review

Discussion in 'Spell-checker's topic' started by Spell-checker, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. Spell-checker

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    Good side: Basically, the only smiley you would ever even think of using is hole, which would be used for comedic purposes. So that’s a plus, one GOOD smiley.

    Bad side: The smilies are really stupid. Even the wizard smiley just looks weird. If you were hoping for a Harry Potter-type thing, you aren’t even getting that. Most of us will never use the smilies, even the sword smilie. That may be useful to people who roleplay, but I doubt that too.

    In conclusion..I wouldn’t recommend buying this power at all, I mean really, the smilies are just utterly horrible, but if you do like them..then that’s your choice.
  2. troll

    troll Keep up the Streak!

    Yeah... I only like the sword and the hole smiley too. Kind of a waste of 250 xats :P

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