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    DSiWare are downloadable games and applications specifically designed and developed for the Nintendo DSi. It will be similar to WiiWare on Wii, and will be able to be purchased with Nintendo Points from the DSi Shop, a service similar to the Wii Shop Channel.

    DSiWare and the DSi Shop was launched with the DSi Web Browser being made available to download. DSiWare games will be made available in Japan in December 2008.

    Forthcoming DSiWare games to have been announced include new versions of Brain Age 1 and 2. In addition, six Art Style games will be released for the service, as well as compilations of select WarioWare minigames including Utsutsu! Made in Wario, which makes use of the DSi's camera.

    Applications announced include Moving Notepad, which allows users to make hand drawn animations, an Opera-based web browser similar to the Nintendo DS Browser, and an electronic train route guide.

    DSiWare pricing can be categorized into roughly 4 categories:

    • DSiWare: free of charge such as the already announced DSi Browser and Moving Notepad
    • DSiWare200: software that can be purchased for 200 Points which will be very compact utility types of applications and small games
    • DSiWare500: software that can be purchased for 500 Points which will be simple puzzle games and other, more sophisticated utility applications.
    • DSiWarePremium: software that costs 800 Points or more for the larger games and utility types.

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    Just a note to everyone in the forums, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
    stop making repeated threads with 'news' in them,

    PLEASE just make one entire thread on news coming from you- and just edit it and say 'updated -insert date-' in the title.

    Thank you.

    You can title it

    Smashmaster's News Thread- Updated -insert date-


    this mainly applies to Super Smash Bros. Fan.
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    Wait a minute. Me? I was first to delieve mutiple news not Yukinari. Why ask me to do this?
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    ok ill do that,
    I cant edit the Topic Name
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    So wait you want me to update my Nintendo thread so that people can post their news as well? Alright, as soon as I CAN UPDATE MY DAMN NEWS POST.

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