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Discussion in 'Anime' started by Sykikal, Nov 13, 2014.

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    How can it be Goten when they showed him as a child fusing with Trunks right before it showed Gohan going super saiyan?
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    That was the trailer for Battle of Gods, not the DBZ 2015 movie. I was just showing that to point out that they made a mistake with Gohan in the past, so it is possible that they'd do it again.
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    Lavitz posted an image of Frieza's new form in the chat. It looked to me from the trailer that Frieza had Goku's "god aura" from the Super Saiyan God transformation. The purple Freiza has somewhat resembles Bills in my opinion.

    In Battle of Gods, Whis mentions that Goku can become the God of Destruction after Whis kicks the bucket. It also seems like someone new may be training Goku/Vegeta based on their new logos on their shirt. My money is on Whis since he also trained Bills and he is one of the only people powerful enough to teach Goku or Vegeta anything new. Interestingly enough, I haven't seen Bills at all during the trailer. Also, keep in mind that the dragon has two wishes. Reviving Freiza is only one. Here's my speculation:

    1. Freiza somehow becomes the new god of destruction. Maybe they use Shenron to do it, maybe Bills somehow dies and Freiza somehow inherits the rank. Bills seemed to know Frieza and said he planned on killing Frieza himself. Maybe Frieza knows some weakness about Bills that we don't.

    2. Bills trains Frieza or somehow grants him his power, and Bills and Whis has some sort of weird competition to see who is the better trainer.
  4. Shadow

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    According to the wiki it looks like that guy in the green is Gohan (unfortunately) Gohans appearance after the Buu Saga really went downhill. He looks like the cheesiest, stereotypical Japanese guy ever and weak as hell :/

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    i thought this was before the buu saga. is goten and trunks in this? gohan looks like an older version of when he was on planet namek with that haircut
    as for that, he looks like your typical white washed anime character to me. looks more like its some time after cell saga before goten and trunks are born to me
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  6. Shadow

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    Don't know, just saying any new iterations of Gohan after the release of the Buu Saga has sucked
  7. Sykikal

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    New trailer released for the English dub of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’. Although there isn't really much talking involved. I'm really glad they're releasing the English version shortly after the Japanese one instead of waiting over a year like they did with Battle of Gods. Release date is August 4-12th.

  8. Sykikal

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    I'm glad to see this movie is doing well at the box office. Maybe we'll see more DBZ movies. It grossed 52 million overseas and it got $3.5 million in just two days in USA. I just watched the movie. Overall I was happy with the movie. I think I preferred it to Battle of Gods. Below are my thoughts (Contains full spoilers for the movie).

    I'm pretty happy with the movie overall. I mean, heroes have been revived more times than I can count so I suppose it only makes sense that a villain would be brought back. I thought it was a bit strange that Frieza could grow that much stronger in only a few months of training, considering Goku has to be somewhere around 1,000 times stronger than he was on Namek. Though then again we really know nothing about Frieza's race. I suppose Frieza unlocking a new form with a few months training isn't anymore farfetched than some legendary Super Saiyan God form that multiplies Goku's strength existing this whole time. Interestingly enough, even though Frieza increases his strength, there is no mention of him being a god. Goku is able to sense Frieza's power level even though he cannot sense Beerus/Whis. I heard arguments after Battle of Gods that only gods can defeat other gods and this movie would seem to disprove that notion.

    We also learn Gohan becomes a total lightweight near the end of DBZ. He goes mystic in his fight in Battle of Gods but apparently he can't in this new movie. It seems like he might not even be able to go SSJ2. I'm kind of disappointed that Goten and Trunks aren't shown in this movie at all. In Battle of Gods a few years of passed so they should look a lot older but I guess they didn't want to bother coming up with a new design for them, but I thought, okay they'll HAVE to come up with a new design for them in this movie but they're nowhere to be found. Gotenks would have been a lot stronger than any of the other heroes there at the time.

    So, apparently Whis can travel through time for 3 minutes. Not just Trunks style time traveling where you enter into a different universe, actual time travel. I could barely hear Whis talking over Beerus which is kind of annoying because Whis is the character I was most interested in knowing more about. Yet he still can't do instant transmission (which Cell, and Supreme Kai can do).

    It looks like Vegeta and Goku obtained the new SSJSS form between the two movies. Goku doesn't even go regular SSJ God (or perhaps he was SSJ God the entire time of the fight since supposedly he retained all the god powers or something).

    WTF is up with a raygun shooting through Goku? He's a god now or something right? If they made a big enough version of this raygun, in theory it'd be strong enough to take out Majin Buu, Cell, and just about every other DBZ character right? I mean it'd have to be if it's strong enough to pierce through Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan? (they don't even mention this long winded name during the film but it's in the video games so that's what I'm going with) SSGSS Goku. Though maybe it's just what Whis said about being relaxed. I remember Krillin was able to shoot through Vegeta on Namek because Vegeta "brought his power down" in order to get his near death Saiyan power boost.

    I thought Frieza's offer was an interesting twist, though of course Vegeta turned it down. I really liked Frieza destroying the planet. Clever tactic, and it didn't take him "5 minutes" this time :P. Another interesting note is that apparently Vegeta could not survive in space despite achieving this new Super Saiyan God form. I feel like that sort of puts a damper on the whole "Goku can blow up the sun" argument in the Goku vs. Superman debate. I mean if a raygun can shoot through him, why not heat vision?

    Oh, another interesting note, in the anime it depicts Frieza watching Goku's battle with Majin Buu, but those were filler parts of the anime that weren't canon. So I suppose the new canon "hell" is that characters go down into a happy and joyful area, and all that stuff with them Frieza fighting Pikon is not canon.
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  9. Shadow

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    They are likely not exerting any power, they are calm and don't need to, Frieza is rearing to go at this point.

    Ugh don't remind me :( RIP Gohan you'll still be my "what if" favorite.

    Kinda tired of all the kids, they're annoying AF imo when they get screentime, their voices even more so. Pan is the only kid I kinda like, she's not like them and doesn't sound like a screechy chalk board.

    How? Unless they were also training with Whis, I doubt they're stronger than Goku or Vegeta but they most definitely could have helped the Z warriors fight Frieza's army

    I wonder if he's not like a Time God or something to that effect. Though if he was, you'd think he'd have a bit more power over it than 3 minutes.

    That's what I was assuming. I don't really understand this new form, if his base form is on par with SSJG then technically he's just going SSJ4?

    Goku didn't have his Ki aura/barrier up. Far as I know even a gun can kill/pierce Goku, he just doesn't let the bullets hit him.

    I absolutely loved that part, it was so well done and actually surreal feeling, knowing Goku let Frieza destroy the earth because he was too soft and forgiving. I'm glad that was addressed.

    Actually I don't think it was that Vegeta couldn't survive in space, it appeared to me he was blown up with the earth, however seeing as how Goku had to be in Whis's bubble thing, kinda shows he needs it too. So while I agree they can't "breathe" in space, it wasn't because Vegeta died from being in space, more likely he died with the earth.

    As far as Goku blowing up the sun, the sun is not essential to the earth other than heat, for battle purposes Goku is fully capable of destroying the sun and living fine on the earth with oxygen.

    Goku can't survive heat vision unless he's using a ki barrier.

    I think the manga is more canon than the show since it came first. They're both "canon" but the manga, more so.

    I laughed pretty good when Frieza stated he was serenaded by teddy bears.
  10. Sykikal

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    Because Frieza, who didn't have divine ki/was a god was able to fight on par/beat Goku who was a god.
    It's mentioned several times that divine ki cannot be sensed by people who are not divine. eg. when Goku goes Super Saiyan God the others can't sense his power.
    When I said "at the time" I meant the time before Goku and Vegeta arrived. They were SSJ3 while fused, stronger than Gohan as SSj1 or Piccolo fused with Kami or 18 or any of the other heroes there at the time.
    Isn't that position taken by the "Supreme Kai of time" in Xenoverse? The whole DBZ cosmology is starting to get more confusing than DC comics.

    It seems to me like a completely different branch/power up unrelated to the SSJ1-SSj2-SSj3 despite the similar name. In theory I don't see why Goku couldn't go SSj3 while being an SSJGod. At first it seems like Goku going SSJ while SSJgod results in that blue hair, yet he didn't have blue hair in the last movie when he went Super Saiyan, yet he supposedly still retained his "God powers" then otherwise he couldn't have fought with Beerus. The whole thing is really confusing and I wish they'd clarify it.

    Pretty careless of him then. Frieza easily could have come up and attacked and Goku knew Frieza had tons of soldiers. So if someone shot Goku with a gun while he was asleep he'd die?

    Frieza survived Namek getting blown up. The Z warriors should be so far beyond the point where a planet exploding is enough to kill them but after Goku was shot by a raygun I'm going to just let that one go. I guess whether or not they can breathe in space in the main issue.
    Not that I really understand the full implications of the sun blowing up, but wouldn't Earth fly out of orbit and lose its atmosphere or something? Trees rely on the sun to generate oxygen and all that.
    Isn't it a contradiction though? One has Frieza walking around in hell watching Goku's fight, another has Frieza trapped inside some cocoon. I don't think they can both be canon.
  11. Shadow

    Shadow ಠ_ಠ

    Eh besides the name I think that's debatable. Goku has a lot of power but I don't think he's actually a god. If that's the case, technically king kai is a god too right? Goku has been stronger than him for quite a while.

    Then this explains that Goku isn't a god since he can't sense Beerus and Whis.

    I agree

    Haha right, yeah I don't know. I can't really keep up with all the deities.

    Maybe they will in DBS since it'll be going over BoG and I assume the time before Revival of F so perhaps we'll see them actually first reach SSJGSSJ and it'll be expanded upon.

    Whis said Goku was overconfident and careless. Yes more than likely.

    I was surprised at Goku's lack of lung capacity while they were underwater

    Probably but he could teleport elsewhere to avoid the blast. Trees need the sun but not 24/7. It wouldn't happen instantly. I mean the last Death Battle they blew up the earth.

    *shrugs* Anime
  12. Sykikal

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    Technically yeah, kais have divine ki and are within the deity class (although it tends to water the term down when you phrase it that way). In DB Super the kais, including North Kai, could sense Beerus but others couldn't. Kais are supposed to govern over creation and Beerus over destruction or something.

    That was sort of my point, deity is a different class/race. They tend to be stronger but it isn't a given that being strong automatically makes you a deity or that being a deity automatically makes you strong. All we seem to know about them is that they're immune to Demigra's magic and that their ki can't be sensed by non-deties. Goku and the Supreme Kai of time met the qualifications.

    Well.. you got me there. Maybe he wasn't powered up? I don't know, the whole thing seems really confusing, but they couldn't sense his power when he went god mode originally and in Xenoverse he couldn't be controlled by demigra's magic. Beerus even said "how does it feel to become a god" or something along those lines. I can't really explain why Goku couldn't sense Beerus though but I think there are more things in favor of Goku being in the god class than against it.

    Really? I was under the assumption we'd all immediately freeze to death/die if the sun went out for even a minute. This is getting a bit silly at this point, but if Goku can teleport off, can't Superman fly off? The comics seem to indicate he can fly across galaxies with ease, and there are other suns out there. If the trees don't all immediately die, I tend to think it's plausible Superman wouldn't immediately run out of power the second the sun was blasted.

    The point I'm getting at is that the anime creators and manga creators are probably a bit different. Which is why I prefer the term 'different universe' rather than just saying "oh, it's all invalid". For example, Pikon is shown in the movie "Fusion Reborn", so it's as if that is all taking place in the same "universe", but Pikon as a whole never appears in the manga as far as I know. Though manga/DBZ Kai/DBZ Super/Battle of Gods/Revival of F are all what's officially canon, so for all intents and purposes going forward for DB Super and the future of Dragon Ball we can expect this to be the new and official explanation for what happens to villains after they die. I feel like the anime tried to fill in the gaps for something that was never really explicitly stated in the manga before now.
  13. Shadow

    Shadow ಠ_ಠ

    I don't know what classifies someone as a god and not.

    According to this


    Either being a "God" is a state of being or it's a mistake

    They absorbed god forms powers so they are basically god in their base form which should allow them to sense godly ki but they can't. If not then SSJGSSJ should have been enough to sense their ki since theirs becomes hidden at that point too.

    No, we have enough fumes. carbon monoxide and pollution to keep us warm for a little bit within our atmosphere.

    Think about it, when it's night time that side of the earth doesn't freeze.

    No, super man can barely fly at the speed of light, he may be able to survive in space but it'll take him a while, light years depending on where Goku goes. Super man wouldn't run out of power instantly, but it would slowly drain as he uses it up and it's not being replenished.

    I thought it was funny. When Goku fell off snake way hell looked like hell and he fought several bad guys down there. On the other hand the Demon King Dabura died and he was in a flower garden kind of place with Chichi, Bulma and Videl

  14. Sykikal

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    Maybe it's like you said where Whis/Beerus are suppressing their energy or maybe it was just a mistake. Not entirely sure myself. Overall I think the point is Goku is a "god" while Frieza isn't, whatever that entails.

    I'd presume the Earth is still getting heat from the sun even though that side isn't facing the sun. I'm not completely convinced, but just for the sake of argument I'll agree that's the case because I don't want this to turn into a big scientific discussion.
    I'm not a big comic book reader, but didn't they say in Death Battle that Superman flew more than a million times the speed of light? Where does it say he can only fly the speed of light?
    I think we're both kind of speculating at this point. I tend to think he could maybe draw in some power from other stars (although not nearly as much as from the sun) and that he'd have enough power in his reserves to fly away to other galaxies, but unless there's a comic that specifically addresses this I don't think there's anyway to know for certain.
    Oh, so that part about him being sent to heaven was canon then. I guess we should presume the same thing happened to Frieza.
  15. Sykikal

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    Okay I checked back in with DB Super . They finally got to the part where Goku goes SSGSS. DB Super goes into a bit more detail about the training Goku and Vegeta have with Whis and how they get there, but they don't really detail the SSGSS form at all. Either the first time it actually happened occurred off screen during training like SSJ3, or when they fight Frieza actually is the first time he uses it. They do forecast it in training by showing some weird blue glow when Vegeta and Goku exchange fists but that's it.

    All he says is "It's a little complicated and hard to explain but this is a Saiyan with the power of a Super Saiyan God as a Super Saiyan." So it's pretty much what it sounds like, (so in theory I don't see why he couldn't go SSJ2 or SSJ3). Hey, at this rate why not compound it even further with Kaioken like he did against Pikon? Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan 3 Kaioken times 20

    It's disappointing because this is one of the main reasons I checked back in on the series to see how they actually reach SSGSS. I expected they'd at least do that much, but nope. Should have known better.

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