Do you use the Whammy Bar?

Discussion in 'Guitar Hero & Rock Band' started by CaspeR, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. CaspeR

    CaspeR Inactive

    In any of the GH games, do you every remember to use the whammy bar?

    I personally find that I never have time, to use it or I forget.

    But whenever I do use it, its usually when Its a reasonably long note.

    Post whether you do or not, and or why.
  2. Lil Foams

    Lil Foams Keep up the Streak!

    I do, but mostly just to ruin the original song. It's much better. Lol
  3. Fenrir

    Fenrir Luminary of the stars!!

    i dont use it i think its a waste of time cuzz it screws up the song if u miss a note
  4. Pwnager

    Pwnager Inactive

    I use it..... sometimes not always tho xD :cross:
  5. Makyura

    Makyura Inactive

    I use it, it makes that "bent" sound and is pretty fun to use sometimes if im not too into the song.
  6. michaelmaster

    michaelmaster Inactive

    whammy is really useful in game now in dyas
  7. Dread

    Dread Inactive

    Yes, i use it whenever theres the line thingy unless the other note is less then a second behind it, pssh i bought a new guitar cuz the wammy bar was messin up..
  8. Lavitz

    Lavitz Inactive Staff Member

    Obviously I use it only for SP
  9. TehDark

    TehDark Inactive

    I use it, just not as much since I like the way the song already sounds ;)
  10. Tmo

    Tmo Junior Gamer

    i use it on long notes, it sount better that way
  11. ArtDragonblade

    ArtDragonblade Inactive

    Its hard for me NOT to use the whammy bar

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    Its hard for me NOT to use the whammy bar
  12. hardycove1

    hardycove1 Inactive

    I use it on star power notes (Like in GH5 in the beginning of sweating bullets) and on short notes if I want. I've heard you get a better score from the whammy bar so ya
  13. tomhammer3

    tomhammer3 Inactive

    I have two ways to use the whammy:

    1. I tape the whammy bar down so that I get the highest scores.

    2. I use the whammy manually and get at least 10 times more than most people get on the long notes.
  14. Marley

    Marley Inactive

    I personally Don't Like Using the whammy.
  15. Lavitz

    Lavitz Inactive Staff Member

    Whammy doesn't give you more only gives you more star power
  16. Gawd

    Gawd Inactive

    I don't use the wammy bar, but I am a pro Guitar Hero 3 player, for the Wii.
  17. troll

    troll Keep up the Streak!

    Technically, The wammy bar DOES give you more points. If it gives you star power, and you use the star power, then it is giving you more points.
  18. CaspeR

    CaspeR Inactive

    Actually technically you just undermined yourself, what you just said is that the whammy bar doesn't give you more points.

    Your argument is invalid.
  19. troll

    troll Keep up the Streak!

    Not. Star power gives you more points. If whammy bar gives you star power, then basically you are getting more points from the whammy bar.
  20. CaspeR

    CaspeR Inactive

    Only if you use the star power gained from using the whammy bar.

    So therefore no, the whammy bar itself still doesn't give you any more points.

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