[DISCUSSION] Should women be allowed to have "period leaves"?

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    10-15 vacation days off a year plus holidays is pretty typical, which is about 1 day off per month. Are you saying these 12 days off a year should be in addition to regular vacation or that there aren't enough jobs reaching that threshold?

    It's a sliding scale. Employers need to determine the right amount of pay/vacation to keep employees around but to also keep their operation running and not lose too much money. In some cases they might be able to get employees for a short amount of time, but they'll leave the moment they're offered something better, and replacing employees is expensive so companies are need to be motivated to offer a reasonable rate. In some situations where people are desperate for jobs and there's tons of competition it gives employers the option to pay less or give less vacation days. I'm fine with companies deciding how much vacation/pay to offer for the most part.
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