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    Dead Island which was developed by Techland for use on XBOX 360, PlayStation 3 and PC was released on the 6th of September in America. This game was also released on the 9th of September for the PAL region (Europe and Australia) and on the 20th of October for Japan. This game is a first person horror game based on the infected taking over a luxurious holiday resort.

    You have the choice of 4 characters to take on the infected and your aim is to not only survive, but to get off the island. You are given quests by other survivors, all of which edge you one step closer to not only getting off the island and they also allow you to unlock new weapons. Different characters in this game have different specialities. For example Logan has an advantage at melee, and also has an even greater advantage when fighting drunk. Other characters you can choose from include Sam B, who was a one-hit wonder rap star, Xian Mei, who was an employee at the resort and Purna who was police officer at the New South Wales Police Force located in Australia.

    The game starts out a bit slow, granted I played through the first portion several times in an attempt to setup a four-player cooperative game. I found, even after leveling up several times, I never encountered more than three or four zombies at a time. I’m glad to say this changes once the second portion of the island is available.

    This game also features a co-operative online mode.
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Discussion in 'Articles' started by Snow, Sep 7, 2011.

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