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Discussion in 'Graphic designing' started by M1k3, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. M1k3

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    Hi I'm DarkJolt and I make avatars for xat. I can make animated avatars or I can make regular avatars. Usually i wont hesitate on making them, but it makes it easier for me to make avatars for you if I know how you are.

    I like descriptive people when it comes to Avatar making, you cant just tell me make me anything. That makes me the maddest person ever, if you come to me you must obviously have something in mind. So speak your mind, if i can do it i will, if i can't I will tell you straight up.

    Like I said i can make animated avatars and regular avatars, I charge:

    Regular Avatars: 100 xats OR 5 days

    Animated Avatars: 200 xats OR 7 days

    Post below, very descriptively how you want me to make your avatar, and i will get back to you as soon as i can with either the yes or no on the avatar.

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    would it be better if i charged:

    50 xats: Regular Avatar
    100 xats: Simple Animated Avatar
    200 xats: Complicated Avatar?
  2. Nin10dO

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    Dude 100 xats = 7 - 8 days
    200 xats = 15 days around there

    And I see many people that sell avatars for like 25 xats. e.e
  3. Snow

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    I only do regular Avatars, and they are free of charge...
    Though, I'm not here all that much anymore, just come in to see how it's going.

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