Dark Souls 3 screenshots leaked!

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    [​IMG] Dark Souls 3 has yet to be announced but some screenshots have been leaked online from an anonymous source, sent to the guys over at Funhaus and immediately released a video .

    19 screenshots have been released so far and you can view these below.

    Dark Souls 3.jpg Dark Souls 3.jpg Dark Souls 3-2.jpg Dark Souls 3-3.jpg Dark Souls 3-4.jpg Dark Souls 3-5.jpg Dark Souls 3-6.jpg Dark Souls 3-7.jpg Dark Souls 3-8.jpg Dark Souls 3-9.jpg

    The next 10 will be in the comments below.

    Going through these images and information provided. There will be 12 areas in the game, 45 new enemies and 15 new bosses. Not including returning enemies/ bosses.

    Interacting with players will also change, there is a new Sacrificing ritual. Not much is known about how this will work but using the sacrifice feature will effect your character in your world also. It can also create a bonfire at the location you perform the sacrifice.

    10 classes will be available to everyone from the start of the game.

    It also seems that bosses will be effected in the screenshots you can see the player fighting a large knight and then the next image he is fighting a larger demon creature in the same location.

    There is also a new feature called "Sword Fighting Arts" these give your character special abilities. So far only 2 abilities are known. Rush-in and Circle. Rush-in lets you dive into an opponent while taking damage laying down a huge hit and Circle is a move that circles you around the opponent after dealing damage.

    The game is speculated to be announced at E3 this year and released n 2016.

    What are your thoughts on the next iteration of the Souls series?
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Discussion in 'Articles' started by Shiny Ablico, Jun 6, 2015.

  1. Fenrir
    i saw this yesterday! man im so excited for this game! grown to love most of the games from software does.....game looks beautiful so far and i'm wondering how big of a challenge will be brought to the table this time.
  2. Sykikal
    Interesting, I played the original Dark Souls but never got around to beating it, though part of it was because my PC specs were so lousy at the time so the game as too laggy. I tried getting back into it a bit but by that time I'd already forgotten most of the precise controls and I was stuck at that boss. At that point I just sort of gave up. I never played Dark Souls 2. I might be interested in this but the series is a bit too difficult for my preferences.

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